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‘Neverleft123’: Password dos and don’ts

When you start a new job or open up a new profile for a website, you are often asked to create a username and password. Some people use the same passwords across the board. Others get more creative.

“When I create a password, I try to make it something only I know,” Kauai’s Morgan Callejo said. “If I had to create a fun password today, it would be: “chloe0118,” because that’s my cat’s name and it’s her birthday.”

According to Nordpass, a password manager, there are passwords you should never use, the No. 1 to avoid being “12345.”

Others to never, ever use:

• 123456;

• 123456789;

• test1;

• password;

• 12345678.

“2019 has seen the most data breaches in history, and those cyber incidents have affected billions of internet users,” said Chad Hammond, a security expert at NordPass. “People struggle creating passwords, and this is one of the main reasons why users stick to the primitive ones. However, passwords should help protect us instead of putting our privacy in danger. It is as important as ever that internet users step up their cybersecurity game.

“Most people prefer to use weak passwords rather than trying to remember long, complex ones. It also usually means they use the same one for all their accounts. And if one of them ends up in a breach, all other accounts get compromised, too.”

“If I could create a creative password right now, but not really use it, it would be ‘rockadoodle22,’” said Morgan’s husband Christopher Callejo.

Their son Brandon Callejo said: “Hmm…this is hard, but I guess if I had to create one, it would be “neverleft123.”

Grandma Clarice Callejo said “I would create something I cook that someone loves, like ‘Lauya123.’ It is a Filipino dish that is delicious during winter or when you are sick.”


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Source: The Garden Island

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