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Kaumakani Kauai County Hawaii

New car-sharing service 'Hui' launches in Hawaii

The Hui car-sharing service starts Tuesday, and it’s the first in the world for Toyota and its new Mobility Services Platform.  Source:

Hawaiian Word of the Day: Onipaa

Aloha ?Aina ho?i kakou, our Hawaiian word of the day is ?Onipa?a .The word ?Onipa?a can be split between the words "?oni" which means to…

Breathe Aloha

BREATHE ALOHA with Mrs. Hawaii America 2018 on Sunday, July 8th from 4 to 8pm, at Paradise Coves Ocean Garden Experience an enchanting evening under the stars along Oahu’s…

Business Report: Trade war impacts, state by state

China is retaliating for Trump trade tariffs. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, usually very pro-Trump, is against the new tariffs. It’s been circulating state-by-state information…