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April as National Native Plant Month gains support

WASHINGTON — Late last month, U.S. Sens. Mazie K. Hirono of Hawai‘i and Rob Portman of Ohio introduced a bipartisan resolution designating April 2022 as National Native Plant Month and recognizing the importance of native plants to environmental conservation and restoration, as well as in supporting a diversity of wildlife.

“Native plants are an important piece of Hawai‘i’s history, culture and environment,” Hirono said in a statement. “As home to 44% of our country’s threatened and endangered plant species, in Hawai‘i we understand the importance of protecting and preserving our native biodiversity. I’m pleased to introduce this bipartisan resolution to recognize April as National Native Plant Month and encourage all Americans to protect and incorporate native plants in their own communities.”

This resolution is gaining widespread support across the country.

The Lani-Kailua Branch of the Outdoor Circle (LKOC), based in Kailua, O‘ahu, is supportive of the legislation to make April 2022 National Native Plant Month. LKOC was founded in 1948 as a branch of the statewide Outdoor Circle, Hawai‘i’s oldest environmental organization, founded in Honolulu in 1912.

“Over the past 70 years, LKOC has undertaken tree planting and landscape improvement projects and advocacy efforts in our community, which have resulted in tree-lined streets and public parks, schools and open space with quality shade trees and a biodiversity of plantings, including native species,” said Diane Harding, LKOC president.

Patrick Fitzgerald, National Wildlife Federation senior director of community wildlife, voiced his support. “Native plants support the local ecology and provide vital nutrients for pollinators like monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and more,” Fitzgerald said.

“We fully support Senators Rob Portman and Mazie Hirono’s resolution to designate this April as National Native Plant Month, and we encourage everyone at home to take action this April. It’s as easy as incorporating native plants into gardens and landscaping this spring. The smallest actions can make the biggest difference for our communities,” said Fitzgerald.
Source: The Garden Island

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