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ARC’s September collection saw increase; gets an October break

AHUKINI — There will not be a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center collection for October, announced David Chung of the ARC, Friday during the monthly collection taking place at the Kaua‘i Resource Center on Ahukini Road.

“Our next trip here will be on Nov. 11 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” Chung said. “There won’t be a collection in December because we’re going to be busy on O‘ahu with holiday events for The Salvation Army.”

Chung and his ARC crew were busy unloading various merchandise from the steady stream of cars that flowed through the Kaua‘i Resource Center, pausing just long enough for the crew to quickly off load its contents and passing it to a handler inside a shipping container.

The stream of traffic was higher than normal with more than 150 cars being processed in the first two hours of opening, an increase over the normal 100 to 130 cars in the same period of time.

“This is third container, today,” Chung said. “It’s not close to lunch and it’s full. We started out when it was totally empty. On top of that, this is a High Cube which is taller than the usual shipping container. This holds between 17,000 to 20,000 pounds of merchandise. This is a lot of material that is not going to end up in your landfill.”

Shantelle Rego, the project manager from the county’s Solid Waste Division, said Chung ordered three containers for this trip, anticipating the no collection in October.

“He’ll probably order another three containers for the Nov. 11 collection to make up for the month they’re not coming,” Rego said. “We have a limited amount of space for overflow, and there are three regular shipping containers — not the High Cube — where we can hold a limited amount until the ARC crews come back.”

The county, in an announcement of the Sept. 23 collection, encourages the public to check with their local thrift stores to see if they are capable of accepting donations before bringing items to the Kaua‘i Resource Center.

For individuals that would like home pick-up service, please contact the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at 808-335-6105, or RP’s Random Closet at 808-346-0020. Please note that RP’s Random Closet is a for-profit agency.

For information on general recycling or reuse, call 808-241-4841, or visit, or
Source: The Garden Island

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