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Beautifying a bus stop in Princeville

PRINCEVILLE — Shianne Schorr and Leilani Kirkpatrick created signs of activity on Wednesday at The Kaua‘i Bus stop located on Kuhio Highway directly across from the Princeville Shopping Center.

“We don’t come every day,” said Schorr of Schorr Design. “There are a few more days we need to work before the painting is complete.”

Schorr said she was hired by the County of Kaua‘i to beautify the Princeville bus stop, which was donated by the North Shore Lions Club. Kirkpatrick, who recently graduated from high school and is waiting to leave for college, happened to see Schorr working and decided she would help the artist.

“This all comes together,” Kirkpatrick said. “I’m majoring in business when I go to college. And art? Eventually, I’d like to open my own business selling art.”

Schorr, working on creating a rendering of the Hanalei Valley and the mountains behind it, said she never realized the view from behind the bus stop until someone cleared the overgrowth.

“There’s a gorgeous view from behind this,” Schorr said. “Painting this bus stop is like coming full circle. I did my first hitch hike from here. I used to use this bus stop when I rode The Kaua‘i Bus. Now, I’m putting back by adding to painting of the bus stop.”
Source: The Garden Island

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