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Candidates finalized for national, state seats, OHA

LIHU‘E — Nicole Gi of Kaua‘i is among 15 candidates seeking Kai Kahele’s two-year seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, as Kahele pursues the Hawai‘i governorship in the 2022 election.

Kahele, whose second congressional district includes Kaua‘i, Ni‘ihau, the Neighbor Islands and rural O‘ahu, is one of 38 gubernatorial candidates this year.

Kauaians will also vote for lieutenant governor and Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee positions.

Party primaries will be held Aug. 13.

Lists taken from the state Office of Elections candidate filing report.

U.S. Senate

This is a six-year term. Incumbent Democrat Brian Schatz is pursuing re-election.

Steven R. Bond (Republican)

Feena M. Bonoan (Libertarian)

Zachary B. Burd (Republican)

Wallyn Kanoelani Christian (Republican)

Timothy A. Dalhouse (Republican)

Dan Decker (Aloha Aina)

Shaena Dela Cruz (Republican)

Mike Kokoski (Libertarian)

Adriel C. Lam (Republican)

Asia Lavonne (Republican)

Brandon I. Maka‘awa‘awa (Democrat)

Steve Tataii (Democrat)

U.S. Representative, District II

This district contains Kaua‘i, Ni‘ihau, the Neighbor Islands and rural O‘ahu.

Joe Akana (Republican)

Patrick Pihana Branco (Democrat)

Nicole Gi (Democrat)

John “Raghu” Giuffre (Nonpartisan)

Joseph “Kepa” Griskonis (Democrat)

Audrey Keesing (Democrat)

Jarrett Keohokalole (Democrat)

Angus L.K. “Mac” McKelvey (Democrat)

Brandon Shultz (Democrat)

Steven B. Sparks (Democrat)

Michelle Rose Tippens (Libertarian)

Jill N. Tokuda (Democrat)

Tommy Waters (Democrat)

Joe Webster (Republican)

Kyle T. Yoshida (Democrat)


This seat carries a four-year term.

Duke Aiona (Republican)

Shelby “Pika” Billionaire (Nonpartisan)

Jay Bitar (Republican)

Selina T. Blackwell (Aloha Aina)

David L. “Duke” Bourgoin (Democrat)

Zachary B. Burd (Republican)

Vicky Cayetano (Democrat)

Gary Cordery (Republican)

Wendell A. Elento (Republican)

Harvey W. Eli (Republican)

David Ford (Democrat

Mihail “Michael” Gilevich (Nonpartisan)

John M. “Raghu” Giuffre (Nonpartisan)

Josh Green (Democrat)

George “Big Al” Hawat (Republican)

T.K. Hinshaw (Libertarian)

Keline K. Kahau (appears registered as both Republican and Aloha Aina)

Kai Kahele (Democrat)

Richard Kim (Democrat)

Lindsey F.P. Kinney (Nonpartisan)

Clyde McClain “Mac” Lewman (Democrat)

Lynn Barry Mariano (Republican)

Paul Morgan (Republican)

Caleb K. Nazara (Nonpartisan)

Sharie S. Ono (Republican)

Moses “Momo” Paskowitz (Republican)

Daniel J. Peddie (Libertarian)

B.J. Penn (Republican)

Robert B. Rowland (Nonpartisan)

Iris M. Seaton (Nonpartisan)

Gene S. Tamashiro (Libertarian)

Van K. Tanabe (Democrat)

Keleionalani Taylor (Nonpartisan)

Heidi Haunani Tsuneyoshi (Republican)

Walter Woods (Republican)

Lieutenant Governor

This seat carries a four-year term.

Keith Amemiya (Democrat)

Ikaika Anderson (Democrat)

Zachary B. Burd (Republican)

Rob Burns (Republican)

Daniel Cunningham (Democrat)

Shaena L. Dela Cruz (Aloha Aina)

T.K. Hinshaw (Libertarian)

Charles “Kale” Keoho (Nonpartisan)

Tae Kim (Republican)

Sylvia Luke (Democrat)

Sherry Menor-McNamara (Democrat)

Sam Puletasi (Democrat)

Melissah “Mish” Shishido (Green)

Michelle Rose Tippens (Libertarian)

Jill N. Tokuda (Democrat)

Seaula Tupai Jr. (Republican)

OHA – O‘ahu Resident Trustee

OHA’s Board of Trustees includes nine trustees who serve four-year terms. All voters statewide are allowed to vote in each nonpartisan OHA contest.

Brendon Kalei‘aina Lee

Robert E. Peters

OHA – At-Large Trustee

All voters statewide are allowed to vote in each nonpartisan OHA contest.

Leina‘ala Ahu Isa

Z. Ka‘apana Aki

Julian Keikilani Ako

Peter Apo

Zachary B. Burd

Brickwood Galuteria

U‘i Kahue-Cabanting

Sam Kalanikupua King

Brendon Kalei‘aina Lee

Keali‘i Makekau

Chad Owens

William Paik

Robert E. Lopaka Peters

Malama Solomon

Keoni Souza

John D. Waihee IV

State Representative, District 17

Contains Ni‘ihau, the Westside and portions of the South Shore. The winner is elected to a two-year term. Candidate Jose “JFK” Felix-Keamoai (Republican) was not listed among the candidates due to late notice from the Office of the County Clerk Elections Division at the filing deadline.


The top 14 contenders from the primary election move on to the general election, where seven winners are elected to two-year terms in this nonpartisan election. Candidates not listed in earlier coverage of candidates are Nelson H. Mukai, Benjamin D. Nihi, Kapana Thronas-Kaho‘onei and Clint A. Yago Sr.

Candidate James Robert Langtad’s name was misspelled in that earlier coverage.


Scott Yunker, reporter, can be reached at 245-0437 or
Source: The Garden Island

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