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Celebrating a life milestone

Thank you to Morris Unutoa Sr. and Tommy John Cox for inviting me to Kapaa High School senior Eli Unutoa’s signing.

The younger Unutoa signed his letter of intent Wednesday morning at the school, accepting a full scholarship to Brigham Young University.

Of all the things I’ve covered for TGI, things like this I enjoy most.

Small and large, people should celebrate their victories. When a kid is awarded a college scholarship, that is not a small victory.

But these kinds of celebrations are different from when I write about things such as winning a game, crossing a finish line, being awarded an accolade, etc.

It’s rather more akin to celebrating a graduation or a wedding — it’s one of life’s milestones.

Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and every possible relative and friend swell with pride when they see one of their own achieve such a thing.

It was apparent how much it meant to everyone in that room seeing him succeed.

And, if I’m blessed enough to be a decent photographer on that day, I can capture it on camera. A particular shot I got of the father and son embracing right after Unutoa put pen to paper is one I’m particularly happy I was able to capture.

If there are more of you, I hope you consider sharing your story with us.


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Source: The Garden Island

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