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Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School hosts Lappert’s Ice Cream Eating Contest

PUHI — There was about 15 minutes of madness and chaos on Friday at the Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School Haupu Court.

The CKMS leadership team hosted a Lappert’s Ice Cream eating contest for approximately 60 contestants with a single prize of a $25 gift card to Lapperts Hawai‘i that was earned by eighth grade student Taelynn Bogner.

“I remember when we had a staff contest when I taught at Waimea High School,” said Kristi Gibbs, a CKMS teacher. “That was a lifetime memory. When the advisories got to decide on a Friday outdoor activity, everyone agreed to an ice cream contest.”

Contestants were limited to one student per advisor with a limited number of “wild cards” to reach the 60-container ceiling.

“We put all the names of our students into a container where the winner of the draw was our entry,” Gibb said. “When I called Lappert’s, they donated everything, and Mary even suggested that we use pints for the contest.”

The weather held up for contest day where the ice cream eaters were seated on a central table surrounded by other students cheering on the eaters, who resorted to a variety of techniques to enjoy the cold dish.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing,” one of the chaperone teachers said in the din of cheering.

Leslie Frasier, a CKMS teacher said, “Sometimes it’s good to have wild and crazy things, and this is it — in a somewhat controlled environment.”
Source: The Garden Island

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