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Da Shadow: Road repaving, Kealia potholes

• Editor’s note: Old-timers might still remember the introduction from “The Shadow” radio program: “Who knows what evillurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Jerome Freitas, a retired state Department of Transportation worker who isnow better known as Da Shadow, since 2004 has been meeting with government representatives about problems he hasdiscovered or that have been reported to him, and reporting the county’s responses.

Road repaving schedule

When are Kilauea Road, Keneke Street, and Kahalou Street scheduled to be repaved?

At this time, there is no timetable for a permanent repaving of these roads. However, the Roads Division will be patching up the surfaces on a temporary basis before the roads are scheduled to be repaved in the future. Kilauea Road has been added to the next Island Wide Road Resurfacing contract out for bid as an additive alternative and will be scheduled for paving as funding becomes available.

Kealia potholes

Kealia Lookout – On Sept. 6, 2018, you wrote that the large potholes at the Keālia Lookout would be filled. To date, this work has still not been completed. When is this work scheduled to be completed?

The County of Kauai will address these potholes in two weeks.


Jerome Freitas can be reached at or 635-3528. Visit his website at
Source: The Garden Island

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