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Disagreeing with Yoder’s comments

Mr. Steve Yoder’s May 7 editorial (“Hawai‘i should follow Florida’s lead”), was maybe well-taken, but a lot of bull.

Yoder did speak like a true Republican, the party that did nothing for four years for America, the people, the economy, et, ceteras, but did incite racism, riots, hatefulness and a lot of animosity in our country.

Mr. Yoder, and those like him, should be very proud that he did have a one-termer president, who scorned, belittled men and women, disassembled NATO and our allies, and really split our country.

Well, since Mr. Yoder mentioned about the masks in his letter, which seem to be his biggest concern, I’d like to add that his one-termer did exactly nothing to try to combat the virus or do anything to cut our thousands of deaths that he was responsible for, until President Biden came into office and tackled and successfully rid us of the virus problem. He did mention that the coronavirus was like the regular flu and would be over in a month’s time.

You did, Mr. Yoder, highly praise DeSantis and Kristi Noem for their courage and intelligence, and for not shutting down the economy, and stupidly, not mandating to wear the masks.

There was nothing positive said about the scientists and the CDC, and the wonderful job and things they were doing. I’d just like to point one thing out to you, Mr. Yoder, that it does not take courage for anyone to say and do things contrary to what the scientists and the people have said all along, to act and to be stupid.

It takes stupid people to say and do things stupidly to be stupid. Courage? Think again.

The mask isn’t really the issue here, but it is one of the many guidelines that the scientists have said all along, which, when wearing one, would and could help straighten out our economy and help bring back the many thing things we’ve lost for the year and a half.

Distancing, washing and senitizing our hands were also included to probably help take us back to where we were before. Look what is happening today. We’re in the process of not having to wear masks because the people have listened and have done what our scientists and our CDC have asked us to do.

And if you have taken the vaccines, both of them, you may not need to wear the mask. If you only took one, or have not taken any, it will be your responsibility to get them, or wear the mask until you do.

Of course, it will be very hard to determine who took the vaccine or not. But I guess if you’re dumb enough not to get them, be fully aware, and don’t ever blame others when and if you get the virus and suffer, or even worse, die and become a statistic.

Why, of all things, would anyone refuse to take the vaccine when it would be safer if you did than not?

And why would you be so selfish for not taking it to at least try to help the person next or across you? The odds are better taken than not. Be safe and reasonable.

Are you those people who were holding signs telling people not to take the vaccines, don’t force people to take the vaccines, impeach Kawakami, and all of those nasty signs I could not read because I was driving?

Are you also those who don’t give a rat’s behind what happens to the next person? Are you one of the members of the CDC or the scientists who’ve developed the medicines? Where and what kinds of credentials can you produce to show you are better than the CDC or scientists that the vaccines are no good? Or are you just too stupid to realize that they know more things about the vaccines than you do.

Who are you people? Where did you come from, and what are your scientific backgrounds? Are you in business that you cannot wait for things to get better so you can really open up your business?

All that Mr. Yoder wrote was and are not factual, but just words. He is just like me, saying things I sometimes cannot back up what I say, but has the right, under the First Amendment, to say what I feel. To top it off, he is a tour driver/guide just like me, who may know the history of the island, but not of the COVID-19. We both are not scientists nor the CDC.

So Mr. Yoder, praise those who say stupid things without facts, or like the Hawaiians say, “lolo.”


Ray Domingo is a resident of
Source: The Garden Island

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