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DOW offer water emergency preparedness tips

LIHUE – The Department of Water reminds residents of water emergency preparedness tips and water service advisories that may be issued during an emergency or severe weather event.

They include:

Do Not Drink (DND) Advisory

A DND advisory is typically issued when the quality of the water may be compromised. During a DND Advisory customers are advised not to consume tap water until further notice. This includes drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and preparing food. Tap water should not be consumed until the Department of Water has officially announced it is safe to do so.

What to do in a storm

Severe weather conditions: such as high winds, flooding, can affect DOW’s water facilities. If this occurs, the following should be implemented:

• Stay tuned to news reports.

• During an electrical power outage keep water use to an absolute minimum.

• Collect rainwater to utilize for non-potable water needs. Do not drink rainwater.

• Turn off or disconnect any devices or fixtures that regularly draw water.

What to do After the Storm

• Stay tuned to news reports. The DOW will update the public on the status of the water system, including any warranted drinking water quality advisories through the media and the Kauai County Alerts. Service announcements are also posted on DOW’s Facebook page at

• Continue water conservation measures. The DOW will send out a notice to the public when the water conservation request has been lifted.

How to store water

• Use clean containers, preferably those designed for water storage. Do not use containers that stored questionable materials or food with strong odors (mayonnaise, pickles, etc.) as the water will pick up the odor during storage.

• Disinfect containers. Wash containers thoroughly, then rinse it in a mild bleach solution (one capful of liquid bleach to one gallon of water), and then rinse thoroughly.

• Fill container with water from the tap. Fill the container to the top, keeping a minimal amount of air between the water and the cap. Store it in a cool, dark place.

• Optional – Boiling or bleach disinfection. If you prefer, you can boil water before storing it. You should boil the water at a rolling boil for 1 to 3 minutes, let it cool down until it is slightly warm, fill the containers, and then seal and store immediately. Liquid bleach may also be used to disinfect water that has not been boiled. Add 1 to 8 drops of new, unscented liquid bleach with strength of 5% to 6% (like Clorox) per gallon of water. Seal and store immediately.
Source: The Garden Island

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