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Feds sentence Mountain View man to 4 years for shooting incident

U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi sentenced 38-year-old David Cordeiro of Mountain View on Tuesday to four years in prison, followed by three years supervised release — the federal equivalent of probation or parole — to follow, for a Sept. 1, 2018 incident where he fired nine bullets into a car.

The car, which was stopped, was occupied by Cordeiro’s girlfriend and another woman. One bullet pierced the windshield, causing his girlfriend to think she was struck by a bullet. Cordeiro had multiple prior convictions for domestic violence and abuse of family members under Hawaii law. Accordingly, federal law prohibited Cordeiro from possessing firearms or ammunition.

Cordeiro was convicted on possessing ammunition after a conviction for domestic abuse.

Cordeiro’s prior convictions under state law included an incident in which he physically assaulted and threw gasoline on a prior intimate partner, an incident in which he burned a woman with the hot metal tip of a butane torch and two separate incidents wherein he violently struck women while they held his infant child.
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

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