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Genki Sushi remains closed over weekend

KAILUA-KONA — Genki Sushi at Kona Commons will remain closed this weekend after the company requested a scheduled inspection be delayed to allow for more time to clean and treat the establishment.

Mary Hansen, vice president and chief administrative officer, Genki Sushi USA Inc., in a statement said the Kailua-Kona eatery is working to take necessary actions to ensure it is in compliance with all state Department of Health food safety requirements, “while also meeting the high standards for cleanliness and sanitation that we set for all of our restaurant locations.”

“We regret the continued delay, but we want to make sure our customers are assured of a clean restaurant when we reopen,” Hansen’s statement continued.

The restaurant was shuttered and a red “CLOSED” placard was posted May 22 following a state health inspection prompted by multiple complaints of cockroaches seen inside the establishment. The location failed to pass follow-up inspections conducted May 24 and Tuesday.

The closure of the Kona Commons Genki Sushi will remain in effect until the restaurant passes a DOH inspection and receives approval from the state to reopen.

Since May 22, the state has inspected adjoining food establishments in Kona Commons, finding that no infestation outside the confines of Genki Sushi.

Dairy Queen and Daiichi Ramen, the two food establishments located next to Genki Sushi, were inspected and passed on May 23, according to DOH spokeswoman Anna Koethe. On Wednesday, she said that a few roaches were observed at Daiichi Ramen, but clarified Friday that no roaches were observed at Dairy Queen. The few roaches observed at Daiichi Ramen were found on stored cardboard within a dry storage area.
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

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