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Happy Camper for Friday, July 30, 2021

It’s pronounced “Endo,” but it’s spelled “Endow,” said Diane Nitta, who was enjoying a mid-morning snack with her relatives from Ai‘ea, O‘ahu, before Kai Endow, 5, goes off to kindergarten.

The group was visited by Naoko Ho, who was picking up a supply of used eyewear from Dr. Jere Loo for recycling, and everyone enjoyed the ube-filled malasada (Rose Marie Garabillo of Rose’s Pinoy Favorites also got in her supply of Ube Crackle cookies).

Cynthia Sone of Sone’s Delicatessen (that’s the home of the Spam musubi) remembers working with the wooden Spam musubi maker. Lance Rae said National Spam Musubi Day is coming up real soon.

Joyce Takahashi of Miki Macs is getting excited about the signs of life taking place at Living Foods (especially The Lanai, where Matthew Duncan was re-doing some of the tables that have been idle for more than a year), and Mr. Linn of Linn Farms is trying to figure out how to get pollinators into the greenhouse for all those flowering cucumber plants.

Mini-Me (nope, Adam and Christine Coyaso of Kaua‘i Coconut were super busy!) found a new “adversary” in that huge farmers’ market crew (Terry Gordines was still waiting on the Bubba Burgers line to go down).

Kudos to Jerry “Strawberry” Swanson (he wants to do a BBQ for his surfing buddy Mayor Derek Kawakami, but needs some help) and his COVID-19 project where he cleared, leveled and continues to maintain the “sacred” gravesites at the Po‘ipu Beach Park! He said the gravesites are separate from the park.


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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