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Happy Camper for Monday, January 1, 2024

Kudos and congratulations, Elliott Lucas and company (there were a lot of helping hands!) on the sold out premiere of “Too Much Love” that filled Kaua‘i War Memorial Convention Hall!

One of the good things about the Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation girls basketball games being moved to Jan. 3 is that Keith Burgess and his family (yes, Emma is home for the holidays from college) could check out the excitement because there are so many Kaua‘i High School people (both teachers and students) involved in the first 100 percent Kaua‘i feature-length movie.

Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce President Mark Perriello and Randy Francisco (he’s the president of the West Kaua‘i Business and Professional Association that struggled to get back on its feet following the COVID-19 pandemic) came to offer their congratulations.

Kudos, Val Rita (yes, we know Waimea Coach Kylie Linoz and the Menehune football team are two-time Division II state champions!) and her team that anchored the popcorn and lemonade (freshly-squeezed, no less) affair where Emalia (she’s one of the many stars in the film) Miguel had to stop before all the hoopla getting to the seat (and, where’s that girl with the lei po‘o that was the leading star?) … oh, the VIP lanyard comes after the popcorn and lemonade.

Happy New Year, Kaua‘i! Don’t forget, the Pau Hana Market is back following being closed for Christmas. The market will be opening from 3 p.m. with the cow bell at Kukui Grove Center.
Source: The Garden Island

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