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Happy Camper for Monday, September 18, 2023

Mark Jeffers, of The Storybook Theatre, (In the Land of the Red Lilikoi!) is getting excited about the Peace Day parade coming up on Thursday. (Isn’t that the same day as the Kaua‘i High School Homecoming parade and rally at the Kukui Grove Center?) His costumed characters meet up with Jerry Hirata of the Kaua‘i Soto Zen and the taiko drummers for Peace Day festivities.

Mark (His Storybook Theatre techie was connecting to the United Nations Peace Day Committee to advertise the Hanapepe pocket of activities, internationally.) chomped on a blue pea next to the statue of Spark Matsunaga (Why do honeybees like the flower casing of the red lilikoi more than the blossoms?) during Friday Night Art in Hanapepe. (Nice to see Chef Ku‘u Breen of Hanapepe Cafe, where was Holly Ka‘iakapu?) The historic town was a nice stop after the Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation girls volleyball game was rescheduled because of the school lockdown.

Kudos, Jonell Kaohelauli‘i, (She has to experience the Puhi traffic bottleneck on a daily basis.) the Department of Water and “water community” on hosting the 18th Make A Splash water experience for nearly 600 fifth grade students on Friday. (Good job, Coach Beau Acoba of Grove Farm on getting the students interacting on how opala moves from the mountain to the sea … almost like the o‘opu that need to navigate all that on their journey!) Jonell’s been doing this for at least nine of the 18 events. (How long has Becky Malapit of the DOW been shepherding the hundreds of young learners?) We did have a break of a couple of years because of the COVID-19.
Source: The Garden Island

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