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Hawai‘iUSA muralists trying to beat the rain

LIHU‘E — Mural artist Seth Womble worked quickly Tuesday at the mural developing at the future offices of Hawai‘iUSA Federal Credit Union at Kukui Grove Center.

“It’s supposed to rain Wednesday,” Womble said. “We need to get as much done today. If it rains, we might have to come back Thursday and Friday to get everything done.”

The National Weather Service forecasts that “winds have weakened and turned southerly ahead of an approaching cold front. Rainfall chances will increase Tuesday night as showers move up over the islands from the south. Rainfall chances will remain elevated into Thursday over the central islands before shifting to Kaua‘i Friday as trade winds push in from the east.”

Womble was contracted to develop the mural on the construction panels shielding the shopping center from dust and debris at the credit union’s future facility scheduled to open this summer.

“This is my temporary office for today,” said Morgan Moises Lopez of Hawai‘iUSA FCU. “I’d normally be working remotely, but today I’ve got the shade outside Starbucks where I can keep track of what is developing.”

Lopez said the mural, when completed, will be available for viewing through at least the end of April, after which the mural will be taken down and brought to Kaua‘i High.

“We have Kaua‘i High School students working with Seth on this project,” Lopez said. “This is a learning experience for the students, who get to work alongside a mural artist. This was part of the plan. We wanted students to have this experience. After the mural serves its purpose here, it’s only natural that it be moved to Kaua‘i High School, where the students are from.”

Originally scheduled to start with the Spring Break Family Fun Day hosted by KGC before spring break, the mural’s start was delayed several times due to unfavorable weather conditions.

When the sun came out Tuesday, the team sprang into action.

“We’re just putting on the final sketching touches,” Womble said. “Then we start laying the paint. We need to do as much as we can before tomorrow.”


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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