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Healthy living at Kalena Park in Lihu‘e

New Kalena Park Program Coordinator Alyssa Miyake debuted her Pickleball Association of Kaua‘i shirt on Saturday, the final day of a weeklong offering of various fitness and active lifestyle activities that originated from Kalena Park.

“Today is the first time I’ve worn this shirt,” said Miyake, partnering with Lori Koga of Tanaka Hardware on the pickleball court, where the Saturday version of the pickleball clinic was led by Po‘ipu Beach Athletic Club’s Tiffany Carolan.

The clinic marked the last day of a weeklong offering of fitness and active lifestyle programs, including the popular Healthy Half Mile, pickleball clinics, workouts, yoga, TRX and, on Saturday, a special Animal Dance Party offering led by the Girl Scouts of Hawai‘i.

“I had a yoga class earlier,” Carolan said. “Today is all about pickleball.”

Bill Gondring, an 86-year-old retired physician from Missouri, joined his daughter Stacy Gondring in doing the Healthy Half Mile before engaging in the pickleball clinic.

“He’s got a pickleball court at his home in Missouri,” Stacy said. “Now, he’s learning how to use it.”

The Healthy Half Mile started at Kalena Park.

The route made its way makai and down to the Lihu‘e Court Townhomes before it cut across the path adjacent to Kalapaki Villas, and up Rice Street back to Kalena Park. It was one of the most participated events during the week because the walk took about 15 minutes to complete and warmed up the bodies for other activities that followed, like the pickleball.

Carl Remigio, who is just 14 years old from Honolulu, enjoyed pickleball, that he says he plays a little of in Honolulu.

Remigio and other visitors from O‘ahu, and new residents who moved here from O‘ahu, appreciated being “introduced” to the various active lifestyle programs, such as Bikes on Rice and pickleball, where they could become familiar in the activity without fear of being intimidated by the activity.

Some of the participants included employees in the Kaua‘i County Council Council Services offices, who turned out on their own time and caught the eye of Get Fit Kaua‘i’s Bev Brody with their electric bicycles.

Fitness at Kalena Park was designed to give people an idea of healthy, active lifestyle options and programs available using Kalena Park as a hub.


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 808-245-0453
Source: The Garden Island

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