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High School Challenge at Kaua‘i Raceway Park in Mana on Saturday

MANA — High school-aged drivers racing for school pride in legal cars is the High School Challenge that will be featured Saturday, when the Garden Isle Racing Association hosts its second drag race of the year at Kaua‘i Raceway Park in Mana.

Tickets for spectators available online through TheFOAT Ticketing are $15, and at the gate for $20 each, cash only.

Racers gate entry and registration need to be purchased online at TheFOAT Ticketing.

Season opener results

• Top Gun: Manny Lawrence (car info not avail), Elapsed Time: 8.52, Miles Per Hour: 160.72, Dial-in: 8.00; Zailea Lawrence (car info not avail), 9.27 ET, 141.85 mph, 9.30 Dial-in (break out); Mark Hamasaki; Danika Braun.

• Pro ET: Daniel Perreira (car info not avail), 11.46 ET, 119.97 mph, 11.00 Dial-in; Ryant Sakamoto (car info not avail), 9.77 ET, 138.18 mph, 10.00 Dial-in (Red Light); Lacin Montemayor; Ricky Uemura, 1993 Honda Civic.

• Muscle V8: Tyler Clark (car info not available), 12.39 ET, 114.43 mph, 12.32 Dial-in; Liko Perreira, 1990 Ford Mustang, 12.35 ET, 100.17 mph, 12.37 Dial-in (break out); Fabian Banasihan, 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo.

• Sport Compact: Brandon Fujishige, 2018 Cadillac ATS-V, 12.51 ET, 85.05 mph, 12.22 Dial-in; Robby Silva Jr., 1991 Honda CRX, 13.89 ET, 82.76 mph, 12.20 Dial-in; Robert Quayle.

• Super Pro: Rob Nelson (car info not avail), 10.28 ET, 133.41 mph, 10.29 Dial-in (break out); Larry Asuncion (car info not avail), 9.39 ET, 152.49 mph, 9.40 Dial-in (break out); Wendall Nonaka, 1987 Buick Regal.

• Street: Jake Chikahiro (car info not avail), 16.19 ET, 76.24 mph, 14.43 Dial-in; Courtney Clark (car info not avail), 15.23 ET, 98.97 mph, 13.62 Dial-in (Red Light); Jackie Nakamura.

• Bike: Angel White, 2008 Suzuki, 10.16 ET, 143.23 mph, 10.00 Dial-in; David Debutiaco (bike info not avail), 9.49 ET, 142.11 mph, 8.60 Dial-in; Mike Wellman, 2008 Suzuki GSXR; Adam Beetles, ‘09 Kawasaki.

• Junior Dragster: Christian Silva, 2008 Half Scale Extreme, 7.99 ET, 77.25 mph, 7.54 Dial-in; Dreyden Decker Jr., Jr. Dragster, 9.01 ET, 72.29 mph, 8.97 Dial-in; Kolokea Kamakea, Jr. Dragster.
Source: The Garden Island

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