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Hokualele men come from behind at Buddy Peters Memorial

NAWILIWILI — Hosted by the Pu‘wai Canoe Club in Wailua, the annual Buddy Peters Memorial Long Distance Race closed the regular Kaua‘i Outrigger Association season on Saturday.

Racing in favorable conditions of lower-than-average winds and very little rain, the long distance race featured two starts, both beginning off the jetty inside Nawiliwili Harbor, traversing outside the bay and north to Ahukini before turning around and returning to Nawiliwili Harbor.

Eric Shewchuk, handling publicity for most of the outrigger canoe races, said during the men’s race Namolokama took an early lead from the start, but lost it to the Hokualele men’s team that finished first overall on the Second Start by breaking the hour mark with a paddle that stopped the clocks at 57 minutes, 15.0 seconds.

Shewchuk said there were several novice teams turning in strong performances, including the Hokualele women’s team.

The next race scheduled for May 27 at Kalapaki Beach marks the start of the regatta calendar.

First Start Overall

87G Waipouli Namolokama Unlimited Mix (female/male) 58 minutes, 33.5 seconds, 85N Teal Are Kaiola Unlimited Mix (f/m) 1:00.07.10, 84M Unlimited Makaiwa Pu‘uwai Naopio Mix (f/m) 1:03:24.60, 84 Kamakahiapo Unlimited Pu‘uwai Naopio (f/m) 1:06.05.50, 85M Tere Moana Kaiola Unlimited Women (f) 1:07:56.80, 85L Teal Are Kaiola Masters 40 Mix (f/m) 1:07:56.80, 87K Lawakua Namolokama Open Mix (f/m) 1:08:50.3, 88 Grey Are Kukuiula Unlimited Women (f) 1:08:50.30, 79A Kamakani Hokualele Unlimited Women (f) 1:09:07.90, 84A Awiwi Kaiola Na Opio Mix (f/m) 1:10:34.10, 87I Laa MaoMao Open Women (f) 1:11:01.70, 80 Kalapaki West Kaua‘i Open Mix (f/m) 1:11:20.40, 84 Us Hawaiians Pu‘uwai Open Women (f) 1:11:53.50, 84 Fugazi Pu‘uwai Open Women (f) 1:18:36.00.

Second Start Overall

79A Kamakani Hokualele Unlimited Men (m) 57:15.00, 84 Makaiwa Unlimited Pu‘uwai Men (m) 57:35.30, 87G Waipouli Naolokama Unlimited Men (m) 57:54.10, 81 Horomoona Unlimited Hanalei Men (m) 58:00.00, 85N Teal Are Kaiola Unlimited Men (m) 1:02:18.90, 88L Liko Kukuiula Unlimited Men (m) 1:04:07.90, 81K Iupile Hanalei Novice Men (m) 1:06:24.00, 84 Fugazi Pu‘uwai 50 Men (m) 1:06:28.10, 88 Grey Are Kukuiula Unlimited Men (m) 1:07:13.50, 84 Us Hawaiian Pu‘uwai Open Men (m) 1:09:04.30, 80 Niumalu Prince Niumalu Open Men (m) 1:09:22.20, 81D Hilinai Mau Hanalei Masters Men 40 (m) 1:12.16.70, 84 Kamakahiapo Unlimited Men (m) 1:13:04.50, 80 Kalapaki Niumalu Men 50’s (m) 1:16:52.50.
Source: The Garden Island

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