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If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance

Abigail Miyasato and MacKenzie Franks have been dancing since they were toddlers.

They’re still dancing — and winning. But not for themselves.

The two 15-year-olds from Kauai recently won the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts worship dance category on Oahu with their interpretive routine to the song, “You Say,” by Laura Dingle.

Both were nervous, but shook off those jitters when the spotlight fell on them.

“We were just praying we would do well,” Franks said.

“A lot of prayer,” added Miyasato.

This was after they competed in December on Kauai, earning the right to advance to state finals. Next, they’ll be dancing at the national level, representing Kauai, in Orlando, Florida, in the last week of July, with the chance to earn scholarships.

The Assemblies of God National Fine Arts festival has about 75 categories, including photography, poetry and graphic design.

The teens attend King’s Chapel church.

“I just tell myself, ‘God will take the wheel and I’ll be able to do it because he has put this on my heart,’” Franks said.

Their friend, Elizabeth Rivera-Michaud, choreographed their dance, which they worked on for months.

Estelle Miyasato said she is proud of the duo.

“It’s good to see that they have goals, and it’s good to see that they put the Lord first,” said the mother of Abigail Miyasato.

“They want to be able to witness through their talent with the dance.”

She said their dance “tells a story through song. It shows God’s grace and mercy.”

Franks and Miyasato love the creativity and freedom of dancing.

Dance, Franks said, is “an outlet to express what you really want to say without having to having to put it into words and phrase it correctly. It’s like using your talents to tell a story of something you want to get across.

“It’s like expressing something in its purest form,” she added.

Miyasato agreed.

“Sometimes people can’t understand what you’re saying with your voice. Dance is a way I can show what I’m going through without having to say it.”

Their dance tells the story of two friends.

One is upset and has lost her direction in life and fallen into darkness. The other is trying to bring her friend back to the light. In the end, they look toward God together, Franks said.

A rummage sale to raise funds for their Florida trip is set for Saturday, June 29, at 321 Mehana Road in Eleele.

Both are excited to show what they can do at the national level — and yes, admittedly still nervous.

“It’s really about faith,” Estelle Miyasato said. “It’s a lesson about walking in faith.”

Abigail Miyasato encourages others to use their talents.

“If you have a passion, you should express it,” she said. “If you don’t show it, you’ll waste your talent.”

Franks said “no one going to make fun of you for having talent. Using your talents can help inspire other people,” she said.


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Source: The Garden Island

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