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Investigation finds no data was stolen

An investigation into a recent data exposure of a vendor contracted by Hawaii P-20 reported that data used for college and career planning resources on the My Future Hawaii website did not reveal evidence that any data was stolen.

That vendor, Graduation Alliance, informed Hawaii P-20, an organization of the University of Hawaii and the state Department of Education, about the potential data exposure in July.

After the reported activity, Graduation Alliance hired a data forensics company to investigate the incident.

UH has since notified Graduation Alliance that the contract will be terminated, indicating Graduation Alliance failed to implement certain requirements of the agreement intended to protect the data.

Hawaii P-20 worked with Graduation Alliance to create the website to provide middle and high school students and families with college and career planning resources, financial aid guidance and an expedited application process for the university.

UH continues to remain committed to protecting the privacy and security of data and is taking necessary measures to confirm the forensic report’s findings and to prevent future incidents.

Although the My Future Hawaii website is shut down, Hawaii P-20 is working with DOE and UH to find other options to provide schools, students and their families with the tools and resources to continue supporting college and career planning guidance.
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

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