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Janet’s Healing Hands

A Tribute to Janet Fujii,
Living Treasure of Kauai, Hawaii,
April 30, 2019.

The first time we saw Janet she was

Moving like the Blossoms in the trees

Drifting up and down the pale green aisles

Like perfumed smoke

Where we first learned of Master Hong

And all that Qi

She had flowers in her hands

She had powers in her hands

Her Healing hands, the hands

that once touched You and me

Janet brought us plums and Buddha Hand,

The center of a circle still unseen

Now somewhere up in Buddha Land

I’m sure our Lovely Janet is

A Queen

Janet brought us fragrant tangerines

Now maybe she’s a blossom in a pond

A glowing lotus thousand-petalled star

I only know that she is always near

Because you know and I know

That love is never very far

She had flowers in her hands

She had powers in her hands

Her healing hands, the hands

That still touch you and me

Janet brought us smiles and countless tales

Of Samurai’s, her brothers and the Queen

Of people whom she loved and some she healed

And many countless others sight unseen.

Janet was a healer and a Friend

Companion on a path that never ends

I’m sure we’ll be together

in warm and sunny weather

Somewhere when we all meet up again

She had flowers in her hands

She had love in her hands

her healing hands, the hands

That lived for you and me.


We love you and miss you,

You’re always in our hearts!

Your Qigong Group:

With all respect, honor
and thanks to our Living Treasure,

Grandmaster of all China and the US Hong Liu,

and all previous Grandmasters Philip Morgan, Amorosa Degracia, Jan Royal, Danny Renaud, Cheri Moog, Dawn Cantrell, Tom and Lisa Peterson.
Source: The Garden Island

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