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Jesse Williams wins Pedal to the Meadow on Kaua‘i

KOKE‘E — Jesse Williams, 36 years old, made the grueling Kekaha sea level to the Kanaloahuluhulu Meadow hill climb in just over an hour on Saturday during the Pedal to the Meadow presented by Bicycle Racing Kaua‘i.

Stopping the clocks at 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 13.70 seconds, Williams was the first finisher to make the 15.75-mile climb with an elevation gain of 3,835 feet. He was also the first of three bicyclists to slide across the finish line within a span of two minutes.

Carl Nethercutt chased Williams at second place with a 1:04:09.70 run, followed by Pete Dunn less than a minute back at 1:04:54.10.

Carly Brown, finishing the climb 26th overall, claimed the first woman finisher on her ride that stopped the clocks at 1:27:04.55 followed by Melissa Tallent crossing 30th overall on a 1:31:50.61 ride. Two places below, Jen Jones-Patulli crossed at 1:34:51.79.

The first and only Junior rider honor belonged to Charles Moule, who just graduated high school. He finished with a ride of 1:46:52.09 (44th overall) compared with his dad Michael Moule, who crossed the line 15th overall in a 1:17:09.61 ride.

The first and only Tandem team registered in the field of 78 riders belonged to Spencer Smith and Michelle Scamahorn, who rolled across the finish line in 2:02:12.27.

In the new for this year, 80-plus category, Mike Carroll of the Lotus Cycling Club topped the group of three riders with a 2:05:41.12 elapsed time, followed by Robert Buckingham at 2:16:20.50 and Roy Yamagata at 2:39:15.82.

Full race details will be posted on the website.

Top 20 finishers

Jesse Williams (1:03:22.72), Carl Nethercutt (1:04:09.70), Pete Dunne (1:04:54.10), Joseph Kim (1:06:13.70), Joshua Dubois (1:08:18.40), Ray Brust (1:08:24.07), Jimm McElroy (1:08:35.67), Joel Temple (1:10:43.48), Bjorn Marsen (1:12:11.39), Blake Beyett (1:13:10.18). Butch Keahiolalo (1:15:18.68), Josh Gallardo (1:15:21.47), Tyler McNamee (1:15:43.10), Stephen Hopkins (1:16:32.10), Michael Moule (1:17:09.61), Lau Ortiz (1:17:10.55), Nicholas Brown (1:18:42.31), Patrick Ellison (1:19:55.14), Walter Lohse (1:21:06.83), Philip Campos (1:22:12.81).
Source: The Garden Island

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