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K-DRAMA: Boon-yi’s life is in danger; Murong Xi sheds tears

Following are this week’s synopses of shows on KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles.

Weekly Update

Root of the Throne
Episode 7 &8 (Sunday)

Sunday, 6:40 p.m.: Moo Hyool accepts Boon-yi’s offer and goes with her to Hamju. Bang-won also heads to Hamju and makes a plot to meet Jung Do-jeon. Yi Sung-gye’s men mistake Boon-yi for a spy and Boon-yi’s life is in danger.

Sunday, 7:50 p.m.: Jung Do-jeon shows up just in time and says he’s the man who sent everyone to Hamju. He tells Yi Sung-gye to get rid of the three villains in the government and build a new country. Jung Do-jeon invites Hong In-bang to join hands with him.

Episodes 3 (Monday); Episode 4 (Tuesday)

Monday, 7:45 p.m.: Kang Hyun makes his decision. People’s Entertainment frantically work to spare Bo Sung’s arrest and doctors the report. Taeil represents both seller and buyer’s document for People Entertainment. Ho Woo and Seung Jo work as one team.

Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Seung Jo takes on Soma Tech’s workout. Seung Jo baits Ho Woo with Haebit Construction report to make Ho Woo join his team. In the process of working on Soma Tech case, Ho Woo learns the real reason Seung Jo asked him to join the team. Ho Woo meets someone unexpected at the workout meeting.

Good Supper
Episodes 77 &78 (Wednesday);
Episode 79 &80 (Thursday)

Wednesday, 7:50 p.m.: Kyung-su professes his feelings for Young-shin. Kyung-su agonizes seeing Young-shin trying to distance herself from him. Wan-shik advises that Young-shin’s eyes for Kyung-su has changed and he needs to make a decision if they were to continue living together. Kyung-su learns that Sook-jung is the one who told Young-shin to get rid of her mother’s photos and that her brother is the one who caused the auto accident that caused Young-shin’s mother’s demise.

Thursday, 7:50 p.m.: Kyung-su is thrown into chaos when he hears the truth about Young-shin’s mother’s accident. When Kyung-su confronts Sook-jung abut the accident, she tells him nothing can change the fact that he’s her son. Kyung-su makes a decision to announce his relationship to Sook-jung.

Episodes 73 (Friday); Episodes 74 (Saturday)

Friday, 7:50 p.m.: After seeing his father Murong Chui drink the hemlock he himself gave, Murong Xi sheds tears. Murong Bao is puzzled by this and starts searching for the truth. After hearing about Murong Chui’s death, Damdeok resolves to travel to Houyan to pay his respects.

Saturday, 7:50 p.m.: After arriving in Magoseong and being informed about the situation there from Yeo Seokgae, Damdeok and his men try to rectify things but the people do not welcome their efforts. Houyan tries to exploit the situation and sends Feng Bao to Magoseong to ensnare Damdeok in a trap.


Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD TV. Chung can be reached at 808-521-8066 or
Source: The Garden Island

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