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Kaua‘i paddlers show pace at Prince Kuhio canoe race

SALT POND — 86C Kaua‘i Kilohana Open Mixed Team was the first boat crossing the finish line on the NaOpio, Novice, Women, Mixed course on Saturday in the Prince Kuhio Canoe Race.

86C Kaua‘i Kilohana negotiated the course, which started at Kukui‘ula Harbor and spanned the distance to Salt Pond Beach Park, in an elapsed time of 56 minutes, 8.3 seconds, less than 5 seconds ahead of the Red/Black Kakahiapo Lokahi NaOpio Boys team at 58:13.0.

On the Men’s course that spanned the Kalapaki Beach start to the Kukui‘ula Harbor, 79A Kamakani Hokualele Unlimited Men was the first to cross the finish line in 1:39:49.6 elapsed time. The first four finishers on the Men’s course belonged to the Unlimited Men racing class.

Presented by the Kaua‘i Outrigger Association, the Prince Kuhio outrigger canoe race registered 45 teams between the two heats, including 11 teams from O‘ahu, and three teams from Hawai‘i Island.

The first heat for the Men’s course spanned 12 miles from Kalapaki Beach to the finish just outside Kukui‘ula Harbor.

The second heat included paddlers from the Women, Mixed, and Na Opio classes and covered 10 miles from Kukui‘ula Harbor to Salt Pond Beach Park.

Rep. Luke Evslin, in one of his first appearances as the replacement for former Rep. James Tokioka, said Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole was a strong advocate for wa‘a he‘e, or canoe racing with one of the first racing canoes being exhibited at the Bishop Museum.

Overall results

86C Kaua‘i Kilohana Open Mixed (Open Mixed) 56 minutes, 8.3 seconds; Red/Black Kakahiapo Lokahi NaOpio Boys (NaOpio Boys) 56:13.0; 85M Teremoana Kaiola Unlimited Mixed (Unlimited Mix) 57:22.8; X2 Waimanu Kawaihae Unlimited Mixed (Unlimited Mixed) 58:20.7; 84 Makaiwa Pu‘uwai Unlimited Women (Unlimited Women) 59:38.5; 84 Kamakahiapo Puuwai NaOpio Girls (NaOpio Girls) 1:01:35.3; 88 Kukui‘ula Mixed 60 (60’s Mixed) 1:01:53.9; 88 Kukui‘ula Unlimited Women (Unlimited Women) 1:02.50.5; 86L Kaiola Hia Open Women (Open Women) 1:04:12.0; 85K Ka‘oloahiwahiwa Tai Waa Women 60 (60’s Women) 1:04:16.6.

Men overall results

79A Kamakani Hokualele Unlimited Men (Unlimited Men) 1:39:49.6; 84 Makaiwa Puuwai Unlimited (Unlimited Men) 1:43:44.0; 81 Horomoana Hanalei Unlimited Men (Unlimited Men) 1:46:17.8; Red/Black Kakahiapo Lokahi Unlimited Men (Unlimited Men) 1:47:55.5; 84 Kamakahiapo Puuwai NaOpio Boys (NaOpio Boys) 1:48:44.0; 85L Kaiola Hia Men 50 (50’s Men) 1:50:55.3; 87 Laamoana Namolokama Open Men (Open Men) 1:52:38.5; X2 Waimanu Kawaihae Unlimited Men (Unlimited Men) 1:53:14.4; 84D US Hawaiians Puuwai Men 40 (40’s Men) 1:55:16.1; 80C Prince Niumalu Open Men (Open Men) 1:56:08.7.
Source: The Garden Island

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