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Kaua‘iEV celebrates National Drive Electric Week with Anahola showcase

LIHU‘E — Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami announced Sept. 23 to Oct. 3 as National Drive Electric Week, Friday, and encouraged everyone to look into and learn about electric vehicles, the environment, and the economic benefits of electric vehicles.

One of the places people can learn about electric vehicles without a high pressure sales person hovering is the Electric Vehicle Celebration taking place Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Anahola Marketplace presented by a host of sponsors including Drive Electric, Blue Planet, National Drive Electric Week, Hawai‘i EV, and Ulupono.

Liz Hahn, one of the participants in the mayor’s announcement of National Drive Electric Week is also planning on being at the Electric Vehicle Celebration.

Hahn only recently took delivery of a new Chevy Bolt electric vehicle after years of driving a hybrid Toyota Prius.

After her Prius was rear-ended, Hahn said she went into a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, and only recently, took delivery of her Chevy Bolt that she claims has a higher capacity to maintain its charge, and eliminating the need to charge up at any of the public charging stations.

Anyone interested in the benefits of electric vehicles is invited to drop by to talk to the many vehicle owners, and dealer representatives about getting, buying, and ownership tips. The event is free and open to the public.

Kawakami, in his announcement said climate change represents an existential threat to the planet and is caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

“Approximately 65 percent of Kaua‘i’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector, and approximately 40 percent of transportation emission come from petroleum-fueled on-road vehicles,” Kawakami said.

He said the transportation sector needs support to move toward adoption of clean energy technology, including plug-in electric vehicles that reduces the island’s dependence on foreign fuels and supports a healthy environment and economy.

“Kaua‘i has committed to achieve 100 percent light duty zero-emission fleet by 2035,” Kawakami said. “Kaua‘i County is dedicated to being a leader in the use of clean energy, establishing policies and programs that conserve energy and promote sustainability.”
Source: The Garden Island

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