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KDRAMA: Chang-soo escapes danger; Sung-hye is shocked

Following are this week’s synopses of shows on KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly Update

“Father I Will Take Care Of You”
Episodes 33 and 34 (Sun.)

Today, 6:40 p.m.: Are you responsible for my birth father’s death? Hyunwoo informs Gwangjin he wants to retract his investment. Mijoo asks Gwiboon about her cousin Hyunjung. Seongjun questions Hyungseob about his birth father.

Today, 7:45 p.m.: Junghwa outs Seongjun and Donghui’s relationship to her family. Jungeun tries to correct Hyungseob’s misunderstanding about Hyunwoo. Hyungseob tells Seongjun the real story.

Drama special
“Traces Of Love”

Monday, 7:45 p.m.: Joo-young works at an architectural firm. She was in a relationship with her co-worker and recently broke up when her old boyfriend shows up as a new hire. He pursues her relentlessly as if they never broke up. Joo-young is in awkward place with 2 ex-boyfriends in one space.

Drama special
“One Night

Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Hong-ju has no money, friends or family to depend on. She’s all alone to end for herself and she gets thrown out of her place. With nowhere to turn to she hides in her workplace to sleep. When she’s outed, she gets desperate trying to think of anywhere she can crash. Then it dawned on her, a place she can crash, her ex-boyfriend’s place.

“Secrets And Lies”
Episodes 49 and 50 (Wed.); Episodes 51 and 52 (Thur.)

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m.: Hwa-kyung uses all means available to make it back into Misung. Woo-jung meets with the writer to prove Ju-won’s innocence and in the process discovers the one manipulating the writer. Woo-jung informs the station the real culprit but to no avail. Woo-jung confronts Myung-jun. Yeon-hee steps on the gas pedal weeing the two together.

Thursday, 7:45 p.m.: Chang-soo escapes danger with Hwa-kyung’s help. Woo-jung is fired from work. Woo-jung makes a decision when Do-bin is also reassigned to another department. Yeon-hee and Hwa-kyung sees Ju-won in harried state. Chairman Oh meets Chang-soo to find his grandson but fails.

“One The Woman”
Episode 13 (Fri.); Episode 14 (Sat.)

Friday, 7:55 p.m.: Sung-hye is shocked and furious that the paternity test results indicate Yeon-ju is Chairman Kang Jang-su’s biological daughter. Meanwhile, Yeon-ju sets up an investigation’s headquarters at Seung-wook’s house and counters Seung-deok’s tactics.

Saturday, 7:55 p.m.: Yeon-ju learns that Sung-hye was the culprit behind everything that happened fourteen years ago and declares war. Sung-hye joins forces with Seung-deok to entrap Young-sik in order to become the new owner of Hanju.


Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles. This column offers synopses of the dramas playing throughout Hawaii. Chung can be reached at 521-8066 or
Source: The Garden Island

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