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Kealia temporary bridge opens

KAPA‘A — On Tuesday, the temporary bridge and bypass road opened alongside Kuhio Highway, near Kealia Beach.

Kapa‘a resident Lisa Aruna tested the new bridge almost as soon as it was opened.

“When I first saw it up and running, there were cars bumper to bumper going both ways. I think everyone was suspicious that the temporary bridge could not hold the weight,” Aruna said. “Everyone was going pretty slow, but I slowed down so that there was at least three cars ahead of me.”

She continued: “The ride was smooth and the bridge was great.”

Aruna is also looking forward to the construction of the roundabout.

“I heard from one of the workers it’s going to be built soon. I am really excited for the roundabout because when I am trying to get down the road in the mornings, the traffic from the school drop offs is backed up,” Aruna said. “I believe it will create better flow in the mornings.”

The temporary bridge is being used to detour traffic for an upcoming federal project that will restore the existing Kapa‘a Stream bridge, which is in need of strengthening and rehabilitation.

The project engineer Russell Carlson says the first plan to move forward with the bridge construction will be drilling the drilled shafts, which is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks. There are four drilled shafts on each side of the bridge, eight in total.

Besides making modifications to the Kapa‘a stream bridge, the federal project includes construction done for a roundabout at the Kuhio Highway and Mailihuna Road intersection.

“The first part of the roundabout/Mailihuna road construction will be placing the new underground drainage system, along Kuhio highway, and the Mailihuna intersection, which will begin early next week,” said Carlson.


Stephanie Shinno, features and community reporter, can be reached at 245-0424 or
Source: The Garden Island

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