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KIF good stomping grounds for conference champs

Watching the Kauai High-Waimea season-finale Saturday validated the toughness of the Kauai Interscholastic Federation.

Both teams, who were playing for pride, and played hard to the final whistle.

During season-finale sometimes it’s natural to let your gaurd down, or take a down off, but such is not the case in the KIF.

The level of physicality, intensity and athleticism was on full display, and both teams deserve kudos for giving their maximum effort until the final whistle was blown.

They say it starts at the top, and the energy, and effort the coaches put into the season, on every down in every play in the KIF is worthy of kudos.

The level of physicality demonstrated by both teams, who play Kapaa, the team who captured the KIF crown, is reason to be optimistic when the Warriors get to be the lone representive in the 2019 First Hawaiian Bank state football championships in Division II.

The Warriors will prepare to host Kaimuki in the Division II Nov. 23 at Vidhinha Stadium for the right to play in the championship game

There is no doubt the Warriors will face challenges against some of the off-island teams, but yesterday’s effort by both the Menehune, and Red Raiders is affirmation Kappa will be preparred for the challenges they face as the KIF champions seek an off-island Division II state crown.

The Warriors are a complete team, and although this is a small island, they’ve had some adaquate challenges against both teams that should prepare them when they are facing the off-island teams in the five-team tournament of champions.

Kapaa has some strong ingrediants to compete against any football team, including the dangerous dual-threat quarterback Kahuna Davis, and Baba Na-O.

Davis is dangerous with his arm, and is capable of slinging the football all over the field with the best of them no doubt.

It’s Davis’s mobility that puts additional pressure on any defense. Davis has accumulated 326 yards, and four touchdowns on the ground, and his teammate Baba Na-O can is equally capable of allowing the Warriors to control the flow of the game to give their defense enough rest to be effective.

The Warriors’ defense is opporutunistic, and will forced two solid KIF quarterbacks in Maka Shigematsu, and Andrew Passi into ill-advised decision making.

This is no small feat, as both of these quarterbacks proved yesterday in their season-finale at Hanapepe Stadium just how talented they are.

No doubt the KIF has provided adaquate preparation for the Kappa moving forward as they face the off-island teams, and they provided affirmation Kapaa will not only compete in the state football tournament, they could do some damage.

The Warriors indeed have an opportunity to play in the title game, and possibly win it.

Getting to the big dance is half of the battle, and each passing game will sure to be harder than the next.Kapaa will be ready for challenge, and they can thank their KIF competition for getting them ready.


Jason Blasco, sports reporter, can be reached at 245-0437 or
Source: The Garden Island

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