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KSA enters fifth week

LIHU‘E — Coach Kevin Devitt of the Kaua‘i Soccer Association said at least the kids are playing.

Devitt, along with Coach Kevin Gusman and his daughter Shanlee Gusman are among the league leaders watching play take place among more than 500 youth in age groups from 8 years and younger, through 19 and under at the North Vidinha fields.

“We started play five weeks ago,” Kevin Gusman said. “We’ve had some rain days when we couldn’t play, but the season runs until May so there is a lot of soccer left to play.”

The weekly games were determined after much discussion with the county’s Department of Parks and Regulations on how to have the games played safely during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Some of the adaptations include reducing the number of fields being played from seven to four fields and having each field socially distanced to avoid the large gatherings. Game format runs seven-a-side to further keep the number of people within the health and safety guidelines, and face masks should be worn whenever possible.

“This makes for a long day,” Kevin Devitt said. “We start from 8 a.m. — we need to be here even earlier than that to set up the fields — and by the time we leave after the last game, it’s already past six o’clock. But at least the kids get to play — safely. We have to thank the Parks and Recreation people for their help and guidance in establishing the rules during this time.”

Another big change is there are no spectators allowed on the fields.

“All of the parents and friends are parked outside the fence,” said Kevin Gusman. “The teams are also supposed to leave right after their games. No one can stay inside to watch other teams play. We’ve gotten some good comments from spectators who have adjusted to ‘no one inside the fields.’ Some people say they like being outside the fence because they can enjoy the games from inside their cars, they just need to come early to get a spot.”

Contests are usually played on Saturdays at the North Vidinha fields with several games overflowing into the weekdays with a 4 p.m. start time to take into account there are no lights on the field.

“We’ve all had to adjust to this pandemic,” Kevin Devitt said. “But at least the kids are playing.”

Week 5 Results

Under 8 – no scores available

10 Under Boys – KBFC Aberdeen 10UB 15, Keahi SC 10UB 0

9/10UG – Futsal Kaua‘i 10UG 6, Rush Kaua‘i 10UG 3

10UB – Keahi SC Puma 10UB 3, KBFC Hamilton 10UB 3

9/10UG – Team Onipa‘a 9UG 7, KBFC 10UG 3

10UB – Kaleimanu 10UB vs. Po‘ohula FC Mano 10UB, results unavailable

9/10UG – CAN 10UG 7, Keahi SC 10UG 1

12UB – Chaos 12UB 4, Kaleimanu 12UB 3

12UB – Futsal Kaua‘i 12UB 2, KBFC Livingston 12UB 1

12UG – CAN 12UG 3, Team Onipa‘a 12UG 2

12UB – Keahi SC 12UB 14, Po‘ohaa FC Na‘ia 12UB 1

12UG Keahi SC 2UG vs. Rush Kaua‘i 12UG, results unavailable

14UB – Futsal Kaua‘i 14UB 5, Rush Kaua‘i 14UB 1

14UB – Keahi SC 14UB vs. KBFC 14UB, results unavailable

14UG – Keahi SC 14UG 4, 3 Futsal Kaua‘i 14UG 3

16UG – Ku‘oko 16UG 2, Keahi SC 16UG 1

18/19U – Kapa‘a Warriors 19UB 8, Ku‘oko‘oa 18UG 0

Week 6 Schedule

8 Under

8 am – Keahi SC 8UB/Kaulu 8UB

9 am – Keahi SC Puma 8UB/KBFC Rangers 8UB

11 am – Po‘ohala FC Pu‘eo 8UB/Futsal Kaua‘i 8UG

12:30 pm – KBFC Mo‘o 8IG/Po‘ohala FC Honu 8UB

2 pm – KFBC Kilmarnock 8UB/Rush Kaua‘i 8UG

10UB 8 am – Keahi SC 10UB/KBFC Hamilton 10UB

9/10UG 9:30 am – Rush Kaua‘i 10UG/CAN 10UG

10UB 11 am – Po‘ohala FC Mano 10UB/KBFC Aberdeen 10UB

9/10UG 12:30 pm – KBFC 10UG/Futsal Kaua‘i 10UG

10UB 2 pm Keahi SC Puma 10Ub/Kaleimanu 10UB

9/10UG 3:30 pm – Keahi SC 10UG/Team Onipa‘a 9UG

12UB 8 am – Futsal Kaua‘i 12UB/Kaleimanu 12UB

12UB 9:30 am – Kaleimanu NS 12UB/Po‘ohala FC Na‘ia 12UB

12UB 11 am – KBFC Livingston 12UB/Keahi SC 12UB

12UG 12:30 pm – Team Onipa‘a 12UG/Rush Kaua‘i 12UG

12UG 2 pm – Keahi SC 12UG/KBFC 12UG

14UB 8 am – Rush Kaua‘i 14UG/Keahi SC 14UG

14UG 10 am – Rush Kaua‘i 14UB/Keahi SC 14UB

14UB 12 pm – KBFC 14UB/Futsal Kaua‘i 14UB

16UB 2 pm – Keahi SC 16UB/KBFC 16UB

18/19U 4:15 pm – KBFC 18UB/Po‘ohala FC Kopola 18UB


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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