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Letters for Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Just wants her grandchildren to go to school

Letter to Department of Education Kaua‘i Complex Area Superintendent Paul Zina

Hey Paul;,

It’s been a while, and I really need your help or insight on what I need to do or try to change the way our school system works. I will be uploading some information to you in regards to this situation, and your utmost help will be greatly appreciated.

I have four grandchildren who came to live with me from Florida: Aiden, Jadin, Myrna and Jacob. Their ages are 17, 16 and 10. Aiden and Jadin are twins, and they are 17.

During the pandemic in Florida, Jadin was pulled from his school at colonial and placed in a 16-week program to receive his diploma at a cost of $50, which his father thought would be appropriate. The mother of these children is my daughter, and she decided that it wasn’t beneficial for her children to stay in Florida so she came here to Hawai‘i.

I tried to enroll my grandson Jadin in Waimea, and after a week the principal said she couldn’t accept, based on that diploma. I am asking for your help. Jadin wants to go back to school and finish his 12th grade with his brother and engage in a healthy environment to do so. The circumstances regarding this situation have questionable actions. I need your help so Jadin can get what he was robbed of getting, which is an awesome, 12-grade experience and education.

Also, it doesn’t even have “State of Florida Department of Education” on his diploma. Furthermore, the college will not recognize this as credit to his higher education.

Is there any way that he could take an assessment test so he can be enrolled back into school?

Thank you for your time and patience in this crucial matter.

Debralynn Mizdebz DeSilvaCarveiro, Hanapepe

Opaeka‘a overlook overgrowth appalling

I am writing this letter because the Opaeka‘a waterfall lookout (at Wailua River State Park) looks grossly overgrown.

It is not maintained as it used to be when the waterfall and valley were not obstructed.

I talked to David Tsuchiya (supervisor of state parks on Kaua‘i) about this, and he has not much problem with how it looks, and no plans for improvement. He said the plan is to allow the vegetation to continue to grow along the pathway (parallel to the highway), as he feels it’s dangerous for people to congregate there while viewing the waterfall. This vegetation is also blocking the waterfall view for Kaua‘i citizens driving by.

I think it’s an embarrassment to have a Kaua‘i attraction look like this, and it’s dangerous now with tourists standing on the rock walls and walking along the highway for a better view. Hoping for some Hawaiian energy to make it look nice and ensure people’s safety.


David Crawshaw, Kapa‘a

‘Jungle Cruise’ cast member didn’t know about party

Aloha, fellow cast and crew members;

I would have loved to join you at the opening-day party at the Sonesta (for the Disney movie “Jungle Cruise” lasat week). The only reason I know such a thing happened was that it was mentioned in passing in another article.

I am pleased that I made it past the cutting-room floor, and I briefly appear in three scenes, and in the trailer.

I would have been even more pleased if I had known the party was happening.

It was a wonderful experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I wish I could have seen you at the party.

Aloha, my friends.

Donna Gould Carsten, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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