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Lyrics of Aloha for Sunday, September 6, 2020

Aloha everyone. After the song “I Searched For Love,” written for my wife Gloria, I had to start composing songs for my children. I have three sons that I love. Larry Jr., Derek Lee and Dwayne. I chose Derek Lee to compose this song because the syllable Derek Lee matched the tune.

This song was composed to remind us that a son must be loved or his heart will not know the grace of a wonderful life. This song is based on a passed generation. By the way, Derek Lee is alive and well and has a beautiful wife and a son named Sam.

Derek Lee

Derek Lee is the name of my son,

Derek Lee is the son that I love,

If you should see my Derek Lee,

Please send him home back to me.

Derek Lee is the son that I lost,

I searched, and searched everywhere,

But I couldn’t find him anywhere,

Oh I wish I had told him I loved him,

Though I loved him I hid my affection.

For a son must be loved,

Or his heart will not know,

The grace of a wonderful life.

I found him at last in my grief,

He came when he heard my life was to cease,

So be kind to your son and you’ll see,

You won’t have regrets like me.

Goodbye Derek Lee,

As I softly depart,

Remember I did love you so,

I hope someday your son will say,

My father loved me so, oh, ho …(adlib)


Larry Rivera has been a musician on Kaua‘i for more than six decades, and shares the stories behind his songs in “Lyrics of Aloha,” appearing once a month in the Sunday edition of The Garden Island. Win prizes and earn an entry in the Vacations Hawai‘i Vegas vacation for two drawing by listening to KONG radio the following Monday and Tuesday between 6 and 8 a.m. and taking part in a contest based on the column.
Source: The Garden Island

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