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Man enters not guilty plea in attempted murder case

A Big Island man pleaded not guilty Friday to attempted murder and four other charges stemming from a domestic violence incident earlier this month in which police allege the man tried to strangle the victim.

According to a Kona grand jury indictment, Glendon Nakata on Dec. 3 intentionally impeded the normal breathing or circulation of blood of the victim by applying pressure on her throat or neck with his hands and/or a ligature which constituted a substantial step in a course of conduct intended or known to be practically certain by him to cause the death of the victim, thereby committing the offense of second-degree attempted murder.

Nakata was also charged with two counts of felony abuse of a family or household member, kidnapping, and first-degree terroristic threatening.

At his initial court hearing Friday, Nakata’s attorney William Reece asked for a reduction in his $100,000 bail. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Charles Murray introduced a motion to hold Nakata on no bail.

Judge Wendy DeWeese set a hearing for Monday on the state’s motion for no bail. Noting the alleged offense and Nakata’s history, DeWeese said $100,000 was too low and raised bail to $250,000.

Nakata had a 2017 charge of abuse of family and household member and second-degree terroristic threatening, of which he was acquitted by excluding penal responsibility, meaning it was determined he was affected by a physical or mental disease at the time of the incident.

Second-degree attempted murder and kidnapping are Class A felonies punishable by up to 20 years incarceration. Abuse of household or family member, and terroristic threatening are Class C felonies punishable by up to 5 years incarceration.
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

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