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McCullen wins big at Aunty Jean’s

LIHU‘E — Slater McCullen was the big winner on Sunday, Oct. 1, during the weigh-in of the Aunty Jean’s Shoreline Fishing Tournament presented by Lihu‘e Fishing Supply at Kalena Park.

McCullen submitted four fish for prize consideration. He walked off with three awards, including the “Teen” division for the Ulua category, the top award in the Other category, and the special 12.10 closest.

“This was the 31st contest following a more than 20-year lapse since the 30th contest,” said Michael Nakamura, Aunty Jean’s son who took over the Lihu‘e Fishing Supply after Aunty Jean could no longer do it. “We tried to bring back the flavor of the tournaments that used to take place when Shiro and Kimi Kanemaru, the original founders of Lihu‘e Fishing Supply, started doing fishing tournaments.”

According to Ken Miyata, the Lihu‘e Fishing Supply manager, there were more than 200 entries signed up for the long-awaited tournament, with about half the field being teens and keiki.

In addition to the big win by McCullen, all fishers in the tournament were winners, coming out to Kalena Park to enjoy the excitement of the weigh-in that had food available for everyone.

There were also special informational displays like the one set up by Aaron Swink with the Division of Aquatic Resources, and the appearance of Aunty Jean who was available for everyone to meet and greet.

“This is going to get bigger,” Nakamura said. “With this many people participating, we need to start planning for next year’s tournament from now.”

Aunty Jean’s Fishing Results

Ulua: Blaze Rendon, Darren Aranda, Rex Oshiro (1 of 3). Teen: Slater McCullen (1 of 4)

Papio: Bryson Kurokawa, Shiler Sugimura, Domingo Norial Jr. Teen: Reef DePeralta

Oio: Rex Oshiro, Titus Mori, Ayren Racca. Teen: Ayden Frasco Rull

Moi: Ryan Koerte, Ralph Kami, Brendon Bardago. Teen: Shayden Yaris

Other: Slater McCullen (2 of 4), Dillan Javellana, Ryden Kualii (1 of 2). Other Palani: Dillan Javellana; Other Goatfish: Rex Oshiro (3 of 4), Other Mu: Ryden Kualii (2 0f 2), Other Nenue: Talon Morales; Other Secret/Omilu: Kaeokalani; Other Omilu: Robert Shibukawa.

Invasive: Kirk Mabini, Rex Oshiro (4 of 4), Jeffrey Lagundino

Kids: Slater McCullen (3 of 4), Zaiden Perry-Cartwright, Jax Javellana

12.10 Closest (Aunty Jean’s Birthday): Slater McCullen (4 of 4)
Source: The Garden Island

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