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Murayama takes top cowgirl honors at Poipu rodeo

POIPU — Coralyn Murayama was consistent through three of the five events Sunday during the Kauai All Girl Association rodeo held at the CJM Country Stables in Poipu.

Murayama finished second in the Steer Undecorating, Breakaway Roping and in the Dally Team Roping events, where she headed for Kim Medeiros in the Dally Team event for a second finish at a 16.04 average.

She also finished fifth in the first D of Barrel Racing on an 18.671 go, and fourth in the first D of the Pole Bending event with a 23.662 go.

Those numbers put her as the All Around Cowgirl over Casera Silva who was crowned Reserve All Around Cowgirl.

Casera was strong in the riding skills arena, getting second in both the first D of Barrel Racing, and the first D of Pole Bending below her sister, Coryssa who claimed the crowns of both events.

But she tumbled to a fourth finish in the Steer Undecorating event, and despite doing heeler duty for Kristyn Vasconcelles, and header duty for Shannie Wong in the Dally Team event, failed to muster enough points to oust Murayama.

The next KAGRA

rodeo will be held May 19 at the CJM Country Stables starting with the Grand Entry at 1o a.m. There is no charge for the all-girl event and food trucks are available to whet appetites and quench thirsts from the ocean-view bleacher seating.


Barrel Racing, 1st D: Coryssa Silva (17.839, Casera Silva (18.2), Pat Hashimoto-Ferreira (18.496), Elise Silva (18.627), Cora Murayama (18.671).

Barrel Racing, 2nd D: Kim Medeiros-Missy (19.342), Francesca Michetti (19.395), Debbie Bail-Lena (19.45), Kim Medeiros-Magic (19.606), Mahina Pu‘u (19.617).

Barrel Racing, 3rd D: Francesca Bivens (21.085), Tracy Vierra (21.353), Marie Bivens (21.395), Janey Low (21.517), Dena Souza (23.728).

Pole Bending, 1st D: Coryssa Silva (21.747), Casera Silva-Twister (22.667), Kiara Ruiz (23.095), Cora Murayama (23.662).

Pole Bending, 2nd D: Francesca Bivens (24.359), Mahina Puu (24.496), Trish Lorenzo (24.695), Kim Medeiros-Magic (24.989), Debbie Bail (25.01).

Pole Bending, 3rd D: Tracy Vierra (25.887), Janey Low-Cotton (27.437), Dena Souza (27.535), Shan Wilson (28.363), Isabella Bivens (289.977).

Steer Undecorating: Hallie Cristobal (4. 31/2), Coralyn Murayama (5.09/2), Kiara Ruiz (5.67/2), Casera Silva (11.10/2).

Breakaway Roping: Shannie Wong (8.37/2), Cora Murayama (9.77/2), Wendy Tannery (11.49/2), Courtney Medeiros (11.65/2), Coryssa Silva (16.44/2).

Dally Team Roping: Kiara Ruiz/Trish Lorenzo (14.65), Cora Murayama/Kim Medeiros (16.04), Kristyn Vasconcelles/Casera Silva (16.84), Casera Silva/Shannie Wong (22.97), Kristyn Vasconcelles/Trish Lorenzo (23.85).

All Around Cowgirl: Coralyn Murayama

Reserve All Around Cowgirl: Casera Silva


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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