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Needy would appreciate any gifts

Mr. Howard has dementia and Mrs. Howard has Parkinson’s disease. Despite Mrs. Howard’s conditions, she is her husband’s main caregiver. They make it work by helping each other and utilizing services available to help them in their home.

The pandemic has made it hard for them to see their family, but they are hopeful they will be together soon. Any gift will be beneficial for the Howard family.

Through Christmas Eve, The Garden Island will share daily, front-page stories about families and individuals (we don’t use their real names) facing challenges and who would appreciate a little help.

The Christmas Fund is an avenue for everyone to provide that assistance. Donations are used by Zonta Club members to purchase gift certificates that are in turn distributed to families and individuals through social-service agencies.

Each donation is accounted for and recorded. There are no administrative costs involved, and money goes directly to provide for those in need of Christmas presents and groceries.

If you hold a fundraiser for the Christmas Fund, let us know and we’ll spread the word. Anyone making a donation of $200 or more can have their picture published in TGI.

Donations may be made by way of the website, Zonta-Kaua‘, or checks can be made payable to The Zonta Club of Kaua‘i Foundation, P.O. Box 3032, Lihu‘e, HI 96766.

w Delilah Jones, 75, has always been a hard working woman, but ever since her health conditions worsened she found herself slowing down and not being able to complete certain activities on her own anymore.

Delilah’s health conditions include unsteady gait, RA and high
cholesterol. She had a mild mitral valve prolapse, a hip and knee replacement and continues to deal with constant back pain and issues with her femur. Living on her own, having her children on the mainland, who don’t have funds to visit her and her mother recently passing, she has found herself physically and mentally drained in the past few years.

A lot of her things, as well as what she needed to take care of for her mom passing, began to pile up. Delilah would benefit from a gift card that can provide funds to help with her kitchen repair, as this area has been neglected during this hard time and is now in a state of needing repairs in order for her to have a safe kitchen space.

w Dawn Paul is a 79-year-old kupuna who has HBP, high cholesterol, cerebral palsy and unsteady gait.

She lives alone and is at high risk for falls due to her disability. She is not able to walk without her walker and stand for long periods of time.

Dawn needs to take breaks often, but when she has the energy Dawn loves to cook her own meals. Any gift would benefit Dawn.

w Patty Lee, 80, has been the main caregiver for her husband for more than six years.

Her husband Ron has dementia, and he is not fully verbal, is incontinent and not ambulatory. Every day care is provided, although it is tiring.

Patty wants her husband to be able to remain home with her, so she continues to provide daily care. Any gift would be beneficial for Patty and her husband.
Source: The Garden Island

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