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Noah Camara-Takiguchi wins big at NYC Fathers Day Fishing

NAWILIWILI — Noah Camara-Takiguchi earned four of the major awards on Sunday for a productive day on the water during the Nawiliwili Yacht Club’s annual Fathers Day Keiki Fishing that returned for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic to the front of the Kaua‘i Sailing Association building at Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor.

Camara-Takiguchi was named the fisher for the Biggest Fish, measuring length and girth, Longest Fish, First Fish Caught and Biggest Shrimp at the contest where Fast Company skipper Jim Saylor brought out his special fish cap to emcee the weigh-in that started almost as soon as the signal to start fishing sounded.

Makayla Afos challenged Camara-Takiguchi with two of the major awards, including Next Biggest Fish and the Fattest Fish, measuring girth only.

Moving to special awards, Aila Okasaki topped that division win with four awards, including Friendliest To‘au, Oldest To‘au, First Squirrel Caught and First Roi Caught.

The fishing derby, which was a catch and release affair, featured more than 50 young fishers trying their luck in the waters of Nawiliwili Harbor where one young keiki snagged a black-tipped shark after chasing after a returning fishing charter. Bonjolea II skipper Bonnie Tiffany also took over the grill for “yacht dawgs” that was assembled by NYC Commodore Doug Tiffany.

Results: Venon Javinhr (Most Fish Caught by hook); Mackenzie Enriquer (Most Fish Caught by crook), Noah Camara-Takiguchi (Biggest Fish-length &girth); Makayla Afos (Next Biggest Fish); Noah Camara-Takiguchi (Longest Fish); Taijon Pimental-Nagahisa (Next Longest Fish); Makayla Afos (Fattest Fish – girth only); Niakana Vegas (Next Fattest Fish); Julian Brock (Prettiest Fish); Noah Camara-Takiguchi (Biggest Shrimp); Makenzie Enrquer (Biggest Crab).

Special Awards: Naila Pimental-Nagahisa (First Papio Caught); Kamanakai Wong (First Palani Caught); Taylor Perreira (Biggest Papio); Cheynee Lei DeFries (First To‘au); Chelsea Brock (First Ta‘ape); Kendall Afos (Pretty To‘au), Kairee Barretto (Smartest To‘au), Kenzie Wong (Golden To‘au); Aila Okasaki (Friendliest To‘au); Ethan Bartolome (Slippery To‘au); Kyri Rita (Ugliest To‘au); Aika Okasaki (Oldest To‘au); Zen Okasaki (Fastest To‘au); Aila Okasaki (First Squirrel Caught); Mila Okasaki (First Aholehole Caught); Kamanakai Wong (Golden Ta‘ape); Aila Okasaki (First Roi Caught); Mila Okasaki (Cutest Roi).

By Crook Award: Kayn Rita (First Crab Caught); Chelsea Brock (Cutest Crab); Kalani Ashby (Biggest Fish that Got Away).


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 808-245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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