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On disgraceful end to a disgraceful presidency

In the Mel Brooks comedy film and musical “The Producers,” a grift was cooked up whereby producing a flop would be more profitable to the producers than a hit. Trump apparently stole that idea from Mr. Brooks when he created the most recent Trump grift to raise money — a fund for “legal work” to argue that Trump’s landslide election loss didn’t actually happen. The entire premise is a lie, of course. No surprise there.

Trump structured the fundraising effort so that the majority of the money being “donated” by his hapless supporters to overturn a free and fair election loss will go directly to Trump as ordinary income, and not to the sham legal effort now being run by Trump’s cartoonish lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani. Trump has raised around $200 million so far, making this one of the largest scams in American history. Trump’s supporters are being asked to pay Mr. Giuliani’s $20,000 per day fee, plus expenses, for his spectacularly unsuccessful effort. Perhaps Giuliani priced his services with a bonus for each case he lost, because there have been a lot of lost cases, even in front of conservative Republican judges who were nominated by Trump.

The circus created by Trump is designed to enrich him personally (surprise!) and to distract attention from the twin catastrophes of national economic collapse and horrifying death caused by the uncontrolled spread of the virus during his watch. CDC now estimates that by the time Trump is removed from the White House, as many as 400,000 Americans will have been killed by the virus. And no, the CDC did not report that the “actual” virus death toll is only 6% of what’s being reported. That’s another Trump lie to the gullible, happily repeated by his sycophants and supporters.

Elections officials — many of them Republicans — find themselves in the difficult position of opposing Trump’s efforts to invalidate an election overseen by their departments. Many of the officials — including officials in Georgia — were perfectly satisfied with Trump’s years of cruelty, breathtaking incompetence, cowardice, corruption, prideful ignorance and bottomless depravity. That is, until Trump turned his sights on them. Then — and only then — they started complaining about Trump’s personality defects. They helped create the monster, and now it turned on them. Good luck to them trying to control Trump at this point. Trump has created a disgraceful end for his disgraceful presidency.


Kurt Last is a resident of Anahola.
Source: The Garden Island

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