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OZone grabs NYC Wahine opener

NAWILIWILI — OZone, with Alison Fornari at the stick to comply with the NYC Wahine Series, was late off the start, but after overcoming an obstacle near the Ninini Point light, rebounded to take the first race of the NYC Wahine Series in light 6 to 10-knot winds.

“This was OZone’s first win in a long time, and the mutinous crew suggested that Alison steer all the time rather than owner Chris Jordan,” Jordan who was co-pilot aboard the Olson 30 said. “OZone had a late start by about 14 seconds, much to the chagrin of tactician and owner Jordan who was trying to position his wahine driver for a good start, and crewman Thor Temme groaned.”

Astrid Andersson steered Weatherly, and Lydia Lintermans did the honors for Fast Company who jumped off the line of the 9-boat fleet vying for the lead of the three-lap 6.11-mile course.

“OZone was getting close to the rocks at the Kukui lighthouse and the crew was getting nervous,” Jordan said. “But OZone was pinned down by Bonjolea II and couldn’t tack. As they got closer to the rocks, they called for room at an obstruction, and Bonnie Tiffany aboard Bonjolea II kindly tacked so that OZone could also tack and not go up on the rocks.

“But being so close to shore, OZone got a very nice lift and was now sailing higher than Fast Company ahead of them, and gaining,” Jordan said. “Kato and Fast Company saw this and tacked back to the beach to get the same lift. But they had to go behind OZone who now tacked to cover them and stay in the same air.”

The maneuver paid off as OZone had a slight lead rounding the Ninini Point Lighthouse buoy followed by Weatherly, Kato, Fast Company, and Bonjolea II.

Capitalizing on the battle taking place between Kato, Fast Company, and Bonjolea II, OZone extended its lead heading in the final leg and sounded the finish horn on an elapsed sail of 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 9 seconds, correcting to 1:24:40 PHRF for the victory pennant under Fornari’s hand.

Kato, with new bride Emily Martin on the stick, crossed on an elapsed sail of 1:27:40 and corrected to 1:28:37 PHRF for second place. Lintermans steered Fast Company to a 1:28:23 elapsed sail and corrected to 1:28:56 PHRF for third place, just 19 ticks back of Kato.

Weatherly, with its all-teenaged crew, crossed the line on a 1:25:48 elapsed sail and took first place in the Club class on a 1:21:14 Club correction, showing Uncle Carl Andersson that his faith in them was well-warranted. Bonjolea II (1:25:48 elapsed) corrected to 1:24:38 Club for runner up honors followed by Papa a‘u (1:25:54 elapsed under the steering of Victoria Aiu) correcting to to 1:25:54 Club for the third spot.

The second race of the NYC Wahine Race takes place, Thursday when the first flags fly at 5 p.m. at the Nawiliwili Harbor mole viewing area.

A more complete colorful accounting of the race by Jordan can be found at along with photos by crew Pam Zirker.


Dennis Fujimoto can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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