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Pickleball tournament boosts Charity Walk

NUKOLI‘I — Hawai‘i Lodging and Tourism Association (HTLA), Kaua‘i Chapter Executive Director Samira Siale’s fear of pickleball was erased when more than 80 people signed up for the three-day tournament at the Kaua‘i Beach Villas courts.

The pickleball tournament was created as an additional fundraising event to meet the Charity Walk goal of $600,000 for the 2024 Walk.

With the courts filled with people, both players and spectators, over three days, it appears the pickleball tournament will join the ranks of other Charity Walk signature events, such as the annual golf tournament, bowling night and others

Lillian Watari, the Charity Walks top individual fundraiser who finished 2023 by raising more than $43,000, got help from HLTA board members in keeping the players and spectators well fed and hydrated.

“We extend our sincere appreciation to Kaua‘i Beach Villas for their generous hospitality,” said Samira through the HLTA newsletter. “With enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate the chance to host this unforgettable event once more next year.”

The 45th Visitor Industry Charity Walk is poised to take off from the Vidinha Stadium soccer fields on May 4 with the proceeds raised benefiting more than 50 nonprofit organizations on Kaua‘i.

Ike Cockett of the Hilton Garden Inn chairs the 2024 Charity Walk with a simple message — “May the 4th be with you!”

Friday Results

Senior Mens Doubles 3.5+. 70+

Gold: Alton Amimoto and Marvin Nomi; Silver: Ron Margolis and Peter Soule; Bronze: Nolan Ahn and Ray Bartels.

Senior Womens Doubles 3.5+, 70+

Gold: Carol Surrat and Diane Treskon

Mens Doubles 3.5+, 50+

Gold: Jules Cannon and Blake Hughes; Silver: Kaleo Perez and Gary Maguire; Bronze: Chris Fujikado and Kyle Miike

Womens Doubles 3.5+, 50+

Gold: Loutoa Zois and Maria Almeida; Silver: Sandi Ikeda and Jennifer Uyeda Gali; Bronze: Tiffany Ray and Judy Honda.

Womens Singles 3.0 8+

Gold: Jackie Divine; Silver: Andrea Rudolph Parks.

Womens Singles 3.5 8+

Gold: Seals Fisher; Silver: Loutoa Zoller

Mens Singles 3.0 8+

Gold: Elijah Kelley; Silver Tyson Tsuda; Bronze: Brandon Muraoka.

Mens Singles 3.5 8+

Gold: JP Weber; Silver: Peter Ricciardi; Bronze: Aaron Fujimoto.

Mens Singles 4.0 8+

Gold: Brant Fuchigami; Silver: Micah Contrades; Bronze: Kyle Hardy

Saturday Results

Mens Doubles 3.0 8+

Gold: Devin Vegas and Kalen Celebrado; Silver: Kurt Wakatsuki and Brandon Muraoka; Bronze: Liam Carolan and Keegan Carolan.

Mens Doubles 3.5 8+

Gold: Keyan Fort and Kyle Miike; Silver: Chris Fujikado and Brian Burns; Bronze: Zohrah Ajani and JP Weber.

Mens Doubles: 4.0 8+

Gold: Brant Fuchigami and Chad Koga; Silver: Cory Rita and Chas Okamoto; Bronze: Micah Contrades and Joshua Miyamoto.

Womens Doubles 3.0 8+

Gold: Karissa Fuchigami and Keeva Celebrado.

Womens Doubles 3.5 8+

Gold: Christine Cope and Beejay Johnson; Silver: Jacque Boyer and Cindy Lee.

Womens Doubles 4.0 8+

Gold: Seeia Fisher and Tiffany Carolan; Silver: Jennifer Grady and Sandi Ikeda; Bronze: Loutoa Zoller and Marie Levek.

Sunday Results

Mixed 3.5 70+

Gold: Dorin Kaauwai and Diane Tresken; Silver: Jimmy Honda and Judy Honda; Bronze: Nolan Ahn and Lucia Bartels.

Mixed 3.0 50+

Gold: Chris Fujikado and Shari Shimabukuro.

Mixed 3.5 50+

Gold: Kaleo Perez and Maria Almeida; Silver: Peter Ricciardi and Tiffany Ray; Bronze: Sia Salausa and Loutoa Zoller.

Mixed 3.0 8+

Gold: Keegan Carolan and Keeva Celebrado; Silver: Karissa Fuchigami and Liam Carolan; Bronze: Kevin Celebrado and Sasha Celebrado.

Mixed 3.5 8+

Gold: Christine Cope and JP Weber; Silver: Beejay Johnson and Zohrab Ajani; Bronze: Jacob Bang-Knudsen and Melissa Bang-Knudsen.

Mixed 4.0 8+

Gold: Jennifer Grady and Cory Rita; Silver: Sandy Ikeda and Talon Abat; Bronze: Stefanie Cannon and Jules Cannon.
Source: The Garden Island

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