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Searching for a new a ‘Scruffy’

“Scruffy” was a famous Kauai dog, who thought/knew he was a fun guy. He was born in Anahola some 20 years ago. His family name in early days, was “Jack”.

About the first year of his life, Scruffy had a minor foot injury and his Anahola parents lost him. By some miracle, he wound up on the doorsteps of one Sterling Chisholm, up Kalihiwai Ridge (Kahiliholo Rd.), with his injured paw. Of course Sterling fed him on the spot. How would he know then that Scruffy would soon become an important part of his family? And the name “Scruffy” would match his appearance.

So how did Sterling find out that Scruffyʻs early name was Jack? By some coincidence, a newspaper delivery lady happened by Sterling’s home. She noted that Scruffy must have been Jack in an earlier life. Jack had disappeared some two years prior.

Of course, Sterling was devastated. Jack would have to go back to his original Anahola home. The lady said: “No, Scruffy is now in your family.”

Sterling breathed a huge sigh of relief.

For the next 14 to 16 years, Scruffy was the entertainer of Kalihiwai. He would run alongside friends’ cars, bikes, walkers and runners. He was the most running happy dog.

Unfortunately, Sterling had to move to Albuquerque, N.M. Well, Scruffy managed to endure the rest of his life in the mainland. It was surely not Kalihiwai Ridge. And worse yet, he just passed a month ago, having suffered some painful internal distress.

Now comes the time for Sterling to cruise Anahola to find another Scruffy. Surely, Scruffy has family descendants. This is truly a heart-rending dog story that might lead to finding dog folks in Anahola with Scruffy’s heritage.

Please contact Sterling Chisholm 635-0494 with any information that might lead Sterling to a “Scruffy II” or “Sunny Girl” descendant of Scruffy Chisholm. Sterling will be on Kauai until July 31. He will be cruising Anahola, hoping for Scruffy’s replacement.
Source: The Garden Island

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