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Sears says embrace your weirdness

LIHUE — YouTube sensation JP Sears brings his comedy to the Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

This is his second year here, and Kauai has a special place in his heart, he said. When asked what island he loved the most, he said, “Kauai, without a doubt. All the islands are beautiful, but Kauai is the rawest — organic, and the community is helpable.”

Every stand-up comedian has their trademark and is known for something different. Sears is no different. When asked what Kauai folks can expect at his show, he said, “A beautiful time with lots of laughter, stand-up comedy and, hopefully people will leave with a deeper sense and be more in touch with their heart. I got all-new materials and a great new message. They can also expect that I got more handsome than last year.”

Sears is from Bowling Green, Ohio, population 30,000. He has been doing comedy ever since he could talk, and would make his family, friends and fans laugh. He honed his professional side about five years ago.

“I got into it on Oct. 5, 2014. I decided to publish my first professional video, called “How to be Ultra Spiritual,” and that’s where it opened up a door that I never really dreamed of,” he said.

Being normal, serious or anything other than his true self would be weird for him. On TedX talks on YouTube, he teaches folks “How to embrace your weirdness.”

“Stop pretending to be normal. Being normal is the worst disease in humanity, in my opinion,” he said. “We can discover the miraculous weirdo that we are. Stop being who we think we should be or what people want us to be.”

According to Sears, being serious is not his cup of tea. Instead, he likes to build relationships by being sincere. He loves the quote by Oscar Wilde, “Life is too important to be taken seriously!”

“There is definitely a lot of times I want to be sincere, not serious,” he said. “For instance, if I am at a funeral, or if my wife is having a hard time, I will be sincere. If we are sincere, we are present. If we are serious we are trying to be in control because somewhere inside of us we are scared.”

His Youtube channel is called “AwakenWithJP,” and his messages are about health, spirituality, relationships and, of course, some ridiculousness.

Tickets for Sears’ show start at $35.50. VIP tickets are $88.50. Info:
Source: The Garden Island

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