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Sending arms, dollars to Ukraine is an act of war

President Biden recently requested $33 billion of aid for Ukraine in their war against Russia. However, Congress in their infinite wisdom recognized that in his embarrassing, dementia-riddled state he must have meant to say $40 billion, so they went ahead and raised the pot $7 billion.

Apparently, Rand Paul was the only senator willing to stand against the war hawks in their disastrous push to not only reignite the cold war but to actually lead NATO headfirst into a hot war with a nuclear power.

What could possibly go wrong?

The veneer of America’s neutrality in the current conflict is rice-paper thin. If anyone can explain how sending billions of dollars of weapons into a warzone doesn’t classify you as a belligerent, I’m anxiously waiting to hear your justifications.

It is common knowledge outside of our deceptive corporate press that the CIA has been actively training Ukraine’s defense forces since at least the beginning of this war in 2014. Additionally, their sponsored mercenary forces are fighting side by side with the Ukrainian nationalists, including Eric Prince’s Academy (formerly Blackwater), as well as Hayat Tahrir al Sham jihadis (Syrian al Qaeda affiliate al Nusra rebranded).

The risk of this kind of foreign aid is far-more destructive than just its capacity to lead to the deaths of countless innocents. Currently, Americans are facing the highest level of government-induced inflation in 40 years. The prices of gas, food, housing and other consumer goods are rapidly rising.

Regardless what the news is telling you, it wasn’t Vladimir Putin who created trillions of dollars of new money under cover of COVID, diluting the value of the existing money in circulation.

Our irresponsible legislators have already put 30 trillion dollars on the national credit card. As Senator Paul noted, “it’s not as if we have that money lying around. We will have to borrow that money from China to send it to Ukraine.”

The sane and prudent path forward would be to deescalate this conflict through diplomacy in an attempt to curtail unnecessary loss of life and destruction of the productive capacity of the breadbasket of Europe.

However, Russia seems to be the only party interested in negotiations. Our Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stubbornly refused to sit down with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to discuss a peaceful resolution to the war. They last met in December 2021. Ukraine’s actor president Zelenskyy appeared on “60 Minutes” in his campaign for American support, proclaiming that negotiations and diplomacy were a waste of time.

Wars are always instigated by the corporate media and fought for the benefit of bankers and weapons manufacturers. What could possibly be the reason for such unnecessary belligerence when we can least afford it? The dollar is in its last days of reserve currency status. The scam of fractional reserve banking has run its course, and the egregious misallocation of capital is unraveling. The bankers are desperately trying to sow chaos sufficient to justify a reset of their failing system in the form of central bank digital currencies.

Economic sanctions are absolutely an act of war. However, Russia’s economy has only been strengthened by western sanctions, as they have forced the crumbling of the dollar’s hegemony on the world market. In the same way that America’s treatment of Qaddafi in Libya proved as an example to other countries of what happens if you give up your nukes, our sanctions on Russia are driving other countries away from holding dollars for the settling of their international debts. America is an empire in decline, and our foolish politicians just can’t seem to help but to accelerate our demise.

Schatz, Hirono, Kahele and the rest of them don’t care about your family’s well-being and security. They have proven they are willing to jettison whatever righteous principles they claim to hold in order to remain loyal to a corrupt party machine. Their assurances ring hollow while they vote for more deficit-financed money that your children will be held responsible for paying to send it into foreign conflicts that endanger us all with the threat of nuclear war. Remember their traitorous deceptions come November.


Brady Stewart is a resident of
Source: The Garden Island

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