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Sibuma leads Kaua‘i High boys golf team

WAILUA — Island School golfer Lucas Summerhayes fired a day’s best 84 on Saturday during a Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation golf match at Wailua Golf Course.

Kaua‘i High’s JV Sibuma finished with an 86 after shaving off five strokes on Summerhayes’ front nine 45.

Sibuma led the Kaua‘i High boys to a first team finish, the Red Raiders quintet of Sibuma, Cody Nii, Stirling McLoughlin, Kalvin Cadiz and Ezra Akamine totalling 370 strokes, 16 strokes better than the Voyagers at 386.

Top female individualist honors belonged to Kaua‘i High’s Leilani Redondo, who carded an 89, a stroke better than Heiley Kikuchi, who finished at 90.

The KIF golfers play at Wailua Golf Course on Friday for the 36-hole state qualifying tournament that wraps up Saturday afternoon.

The 2023 David Ishii Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association golf championships will play at Wailua, with the girls going on May 9-10, and the boys competing on May 11-12.

Rachel Kyono, firing a 72 and one-under 71 at the Ka‘anapali South course in 2001, was the last KIF golfer to earn top individualist honors for girls at the state tournament.

Kellen Watabu was the last KIF boys state individualist, in 2005, when he rebounded from a four-over 76 on opening day to finish with a three-under 69 on the final round at Wailea Emerald Course.


Girls: Leilani Redondo, Kau, (45-44—89), Heiley Kikuchi, Kau, (43-47—90), Haley Arakaki, Kau, (46-48—94), Amalia Abigania, (51-46—97), Priscilla Matthews, (53-46—99), Sydney Ito, (51-49—100), Serena Bryan, (53-55—108), Bailey Ponce, (55-67—122), Via Javinar, (69-62—131), Rian Yamamoto, (70-68-138), Brynn Lee Hirata, (74-74-148), Lucy Newton (79-75-154).

Boys: Lucas Summerhayes, IS, (45-39—84), JV Sibuma, Kau, (40-46—86), Cody Nii, Kau, (45-45—90), Christopher Jobe, IS, (44-47—91), Jayvin Raquel, Kap, (46-45—91), Kanoa Martin, Wai, (49-47—96), Kalvin Cadiz, Kau, (46-50—96), Garrett Hadley, IS, (52-46—98), Stirling McLoughlin, Kau, (48-50—98), Koy Tsukayama, Wai, (49-50—99), Zhairyn Navarro, Wai, (57-48—105), Jakob Nakata, Wai, (53-53—106), Elijah Guirao, (57-53—110), Kameron Lee, IS, (58-55—113), Ezra Akamine, Kau, (54-61—115), Titan McKeague, Kap, (60-60—120), William Paden, (58-62—120), Koen Anama, Kap, (61-61—122), Braden Bartholomew, (56-68—124), Cheyne Carillo, Kap, (66-63—129), Rylen Koshi, Wai, (64-65—129), Timmothy Kozak, (65-64—129), Jack Taber, (60-69—129), Lincoln Miner-Ho, Kap, (59-54—133), Perrin Owens, (69-64—133), Dylen Pa‘aha‘o, (66-68—134), Quisi Bran, IS, (82-83—165).

Boys Team: Kaua‘i High (Cody Nii, Stirling McLoughlin, JV Sibuma, Kalvin Cadiz, Ezra Akamine), 370; Island School (Lucas Summerhayes, Garrett Hadley, Christopher Jobe, Kameron Lee, Quisi Bran), 386; Waimea High (Kanoa Martin, Koy Tsukayama, Jakob Nakata, Zhairyn Navarro, Rylen Koshi), 406; Kapa‘a High (Jayvin Raquel, Titan McKeague, Lincoln Miner-Ho, Koen Anama, Cheyne Carillo), 446.


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 808-245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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