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St. Theresa students beautify area

Sparked by St. Theresa School seventh-grader Isaac Catbagan and the remainder of his class, with the help of David Verdugo, students have taken on the duty of caring for the grounds fronting the school’s boundaries as well as the campus garden.

“The campus is located in a dry, seaside area, and the plants need constant care to survive,” said a spokesperson for the school. “Led by Verdugo, the class diligently carries buckets of water out to the hedges at the edge of the campus. Keeping the plants thriving is an example of stewardship, doing our part to care for God’s creations.”

Starting with the school opening for the fall semester, the seventh-grade class is pleased with its progress.

“The plants have improved since we started in August,” said Mace Walker. “They started brown, and have since turned green.”

Another student, Penaia, said with the class watering the plants, the school looks nicer.

“That is important because the plants represent us as a school,” Taegan Souza said.

Lee Duey agreed. “Yeah,” Duey said. “It represents how we take care of each other and our school.”

Verdugo said the project represents a great learning opportunity for everyone, himself included.

“It’s been fun learning along with the class,” Verdugo said. “I am not a plant or gardening expert, and I’m learning new things. Lee taught all of us about leaf miners. He pointed them out, we pulled them off, and now the plants are doing better. I appreciate that my class works so hard.”

A school spokesperson said it is not just the look of the school that matters, it is also the lessons learned through stewardship that make the greatest impact.

“When I look at those plants, I feel accomplished knowing that our class helped them,” Catbagan said.

The feeling of pride within the class is evident, heartfelt and well-deserved, the spokesperson said.


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or
Source: The Garden Island

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