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State briefs for January 24

Beverage company opposes TM for Hawaii-grown coffee

HONOLULU — A Sweden-based beverage company is opposing the trademark application filed by a Hawaii company for a coffee product.

Attorneys for The Absolut Co. filed a notice of opposition for the application last year, arguing that Kaholo Coffee is “confusingly similar” to the company’s product, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur.

Owen O’Callaghan, owner of Hawaiian Happy Cakes, submitted the trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March for the name of his coffee grown and roasted on the Big Island. The company sought the trademark as it aimed to market its coffee internationally.

Absolut, through its attorney, demanded O’Callaghan cease using the kaholo name, withdraw the trademark application, acknowledge the beverage company’s trademark standing and promise not to file any future applications for a Kaholo Coffee trademark.

O’Callaghan rejected the demands.

The two companies have moved into arbitration after rejecting settlement proposals.

“I have no intention of backing down,” O’Callaghan said.

Man suspected of attempted murder surrenders

HONOLULU — A man wanted on suspicion of attempted murder surrendered to police because he thought they were closing in on him, said his attorney.

Honolulu police arrested 41-year-old Bronson Gouveia on Monday near the Helemano Military Reservation in Wahiawa after he had been on the run nearly a month.

Law enforcement officials were in the area searching for a soldier who went missing earlier this month.

Police allege Gouveia shot his girlfriend Dec. 23 in Kahaluu. The woman’s head was grazed by the bullet, and she was taken to the hospital in serious condition, police said.

Attorney Michael Green said Gouveia called him Sunday, fearing police would shoot him on sight.

Green advised his client to turn himself in, saying to Gouveia to tell police “who you are, where you are and that you want to come in.”

Gouveia then called police and gave his location.
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald

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