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Students explore turning points in history

LIHU‘E — Seventeen projects by students in grades seven through 12 will advance to the state level History Day after judging and interviews by a panel of 14 judges, many from the Kaua‘i Community College (KCC) during Kaua‘i District World History at the KCC Learning Resource Center on Saturday.

“Students from Island School, Kapa‘a High School and the Myron B. Thompson Academy gathered to showcase their research projects as part of the annual Hawai‘i History Day competition run by the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities,” said Aiko Yamashiro of the Kaua‘i coordinators.

“The theme of the competition this year was Turning Points in History, inspired by Ka Malu Ulu o Lele, the famous breadfruit groves of Lahaina. This local embodiment was chosen for its example of how a turning point in history can also be a turning point for the future.”

Students were free to select topics they were interested in that were “turning points in history resulting in a wide range of interests stemming from the influence of Papa Mau and Hokule‘a to the annexation of Hawai‘i, the Columbine High School Massacre, and more.

Rie Ombrello and Sachiko Kobayashi offered students hands-on demonstration in ikebana while the group waited their turns at the Judges Interview.

History Day Qualifiers

Junior Division: “The Introduction of the Internet” Finnegan Warrack, Griffin Bowen (IS), “Call it Courage: A Recollection of 9/11” Sofia Lewis (IS), “The Jungle: A Book that Changed the Food Packing Industries Forever” Cora Rosenthal (IS).

Junior Exhibit: “The Hawaiian Annexation” Lilia Eddy, Keira Parker, Eva-Rose Rapp (IS), “Patsy Mink: Her Contribution to Title IX” Malia Teves, Janavi Srikanth (IS), “The Discover of Penicillin” Sol Herrera (IS).

Senior Exhibit: “The Germ Theory” Ashlyn Worley, Sadie Stiglmeier, Nayah Cornell (IS), “Fall of the Berlin Wall” Lisa Braga (IS), “The Invention of the Colt Revolver and its effect on the Western U.S.” Amelia Tingle (IS).

Senior Paper: “The Invasion of Poland” Dylan Leitenberg (IS).

‘Olelo Senior Performance: “Ua Po Ke Ao a Ao He Pwo: Papa Mau a me Hokule‘a” Kolohaiaheahe Kuhaulua (IS).

Junior Website: “The Wright Brothers” Tanner Miller, Aiden Godinez (IS), “The Best of the Beatles” Oliver Templeman (IS), “Stonewall Riot Activism” Alina Evanoff (Myron B. Thompson Academy A New Centure PCS).

Senior Website: “The Columbine High School Massacre, A Turning Point For Schools” Julius Iglesia Jr. (KapHS), “Romulus Agustulus: Fall of Rome” Callum Raine, Spencer Cook, Mohalapua Silverston (IS), “Ripples of Infamy: Unraveling the Tapestry of Pearl Harbor” Sean Lottertmoser (IS).
Source: The Garden Island

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