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Surge in vehicle break-ins on Kaua‘i

LIHU‘E — A swell of vehicle break-ins on Kaua‘i has local authorities urging the public to take preventative measures in order to help thwart the rise in criminal activity.

The surge in break-ins have taken place at trailheads of popular hiking locations in the Kapa‘a and North Shore areas of the island, the Kaua‘i Police Department (KPD) said.

The incidents have generally involved scofflaws gaining access to parked vehicles in order to swipe valuable items that were left behind by individuals. Obvious targets include electronic devices, wallets, purses and other valuable items easily visible to thieves.

“We encourage everyone to be safe as they enjoy Kaua‘i’s great outdoor spaces,” said Assistant KPD Chief Kalani Ke in a statement.

The preventative measures range from not leaving valuables in a vehicle to parking in well-lit and visible areas, particularly at trailheads and hiking areas. Measures also include locking a vehicle, as well as reporting suspicious activity to the KPD as soon as possible.

“By staying informed, remaining vigilant and taking proactive measures to protect our belongings, we can work together to deter criminals and maintain the safety and security of our neighborhoods,” Ke said. “Let’s work together to keep our vehicles and belongings safe. Remember, your actions can make a difference in preventing crime in our community.”

To report suspicious activity call KPD Dispatch at 808-241-1711.
Source: The Garden Island

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