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Veterans encouraged to learn about Kaua‘i County Code changes

LIHU‘E —Retired general Mary Kay Hertog, commander of the Kaua‘i Veterans Council, invites all veterans to explore the new amendments to the Kaua‘i County Code 1987 relating to Real Property Tax that provides a big benefit to disabled veterans.

“If you are at least an 80 percent disabled veteran due to injuries received while on active duty as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, your home is exempted from all property taxes, except the minimum tax of $150,” Hertog said in an email release. “This exemption has previously existed for veterans that are 100 percent disabled. Under the amended code, it is extended to veterans who are 80 to 100 percent disabled.”

In November, 2023, the Kaua‘i County Council approved the amendment to the Kaua‘i County Code 1987. The home exemption under Section 5A-11.4 has been established for disabled veterans, and will be valid as long as the veteran claiming the exemption remains disabled, or the widow or widower of the disabled veteran remains unmarried and resides on the subject property as their principal residence.

This exemption applies to only one home for any one disabled veteran. The exemption takes effect on July 1, 2025.

To receive this special exemption, veterans must file a claim on RP Form P-6 and Claim for Home Exemption (P-3) on, or before Sept. 30, 2024.

More details about the exemptions can be found online at the Kaua‘i Real Property Assessment Division website at, or people can stop by their office located at 4444 Rice St., Suite A-454 in Lihu‘e.

The forms that need attention can also be found online, or through an in-person visit to the Real Property Assessment Division. The final determination will be obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In addition to the home exemption change, another disability benefit was approved by the Kaua‘i County Council.

Veterans who are less than 80 percent disabled due to injuries received while on active duty as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces shall, so long as they are disabled, will be exempt from real property taxes on all real property owned by him or her up to, but not exceeding a taxable value of $50,000.

Again, veterans need to fill out the necessary forms by Sept. 30, 2024, to apply for this exemption that takes effect on July 1, 2025.

Hertog said she is thankful the Kaua‘i County Council allowed veterans to testify in support of these changes, and especially for approving the changes.

“Our disabled veterans are grateful beyond words,” Hertog said. “A special mahalo to the county council for their support to all of our veterans.”
Source: The Garden Island

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